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Academic Programs at Ohio State

The Department of Geography offers a specialization in GIS and Spatial Analysis (GIS-SA) that covers areas including computer and web-enabled mapping, exploratory spatial data analysis and spatial statistics, spatial decision support, spatial database fundamentals, and societal aspects of GIS.

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering offers a variety of GIS, geospatial analysis, and remote sensing courses, including a graduate track in Geoinformation & Geodetic Engineering.

The School of Earth Sciences offers a number of graduate-level GIS and mapping courses through its Geodetic Science program.

The Knowlton School offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study in City and Regional Planning, including an upper-level Introduction to GIS course.

Esri Training & Tutorials

Learn ArcGIS

Learn ArcGIS allows users to develop and practice their GIS skills with guided lessons based on real-world scenarios. The Lesson Gallery includes training opportunities that cover both the desktop and online versions of ArcGIS. For lessons that use ArcGIS Online, users can sign up for a temporary account in the Learn ArcGIS organization that includes enough credits to complete all of the Learn ArcGIS lessons.

Esri Training

The Esri Training Catalog offers a number of instructor-led and self-paced, eLearning courses ranging from the basics to more advanced topics in ArcGIS. Many of the opportunities listed in the Esri Training Catalog are available for free.

Google Training & Tutorials

Learn Google Earth

Learn Google Earth provides a number of tutorials for both beginners and more advanced users, allowing for further exploration of some of the main functionality of Google Earth.

Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach provides additional tutorials on a number of topics including annotating Google Earth, importing GIS data, using Spreadsheet Mapper, using Tour Builder, and more.

Google My Maps

Google My Maps lets you quickly and easily make and share custom maps. This tutorial will help you get started using Google My Maps and covers topics including importing data, styling your map, and more.

FOSS4G Geoacademy

The FOSS4G Geoacademy has released 35 geospatial lectures and labs for free under a Common Creative license.  Hosted on the Spatial {Query} Lab site, these lectures and labs are aligned to the Geospatial Technology Competency Model and cover the following unit topics:

  • GST 101 – Introduction to Geospatial Technology (QGIS)
  • GST 102 – Spatial Analysis (QGIS)
  • GST 103 – Data Acquisition and Management (QGIS)
  • GST 104 – Cartographic Design (QGIS and Inkscape)
  • GST 105 – Introduction to Remote Sensing (QGIS and GRASS)

Each unit contains a set of online lectures and a zipped file containing labs that use open source software QGIS, GRASS, and Inkscape.

These materials can be freely downloaded and used to teach GIS within a classroom setting or for individuals to engage in self-paced GIS learning.

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