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Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists

Copies of veterinary specialty board exam reading lists with links to online materials and books and journals held by local libraries.
This is only a convenience copy of the veterinary specialty boards reading lists to help candidates find copies of reading materials in local libraries.  It does not replace the official reading lists of the specialty veterinary organizations. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest reading list.


Welcome to the MLA VMLS Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists guide!

This guide exists to connect residents using the board exam reading lists provided by veterinary specialty organizations to those study materials via links to online content and to books and journals available at local libraries.

If you’re studying for board exams, you may use this guide to help find study materials. You are responsible for ensuring you use the latest specialty board-provided reading list.

If you’re curious when each reading list on this guide was updated, check the guide’s About page for the board in question.

Ask your librarian, mentor, or specialty board examination committee if questions arise.

Local Library Copies

If you are a resident at one of the following institutions, your library provides a custom reading guide:

If you are a librarian with a copy of the template you'd like linked here, please email

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