Accessible LibGuides

Making Your LibGuides Accessible

"Accessibility" can cover myriad concepts and considerations.  This site serves to address accessibility issues associated with University Libraries LibGuides, only. When it comes to accessibility considerations, the Springshare LibGuide platform does much of the work for us, but there are still many accessibility issues that can arise that are not automatically accommodated by the software.  Although the tips provided in this guide are not all-inclusive, following them will ensure that your LibGuides are more user-friendly for all users.

To make your LibGuides more accessible, simply work your way through the Accessibility Tips listed to the left.

If you want to go into more depth, check out the resources listed under the "Additional Resources" tab at the left.

Considering a "Goal" for an upcoming year?  Why not consider ensuring that all of your LibGuides are more accessible?

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