Accessible LibGuides

Checking your LibGuides for Broken Links

Springshare provides a quick way to check links on your LibGuide pages:

  1. Within the LibGuide editing mode, open the desired page.
  2. Click on the "Tools" tab in the upper (gold) menu bar.
  3. Click "Link Checker."

After completion, you might say "oh my goodness, why do I have so many bad links??"  It's not as bad as it looks.  As with all link checkers, the Springshare link checker cannot check links that are protected from robots ... and most of  our catalog links are protected from robots.  Therefore, you will most likely see a long list of so-called problematic links that are actually just fine.  Scan through the list of problematic links and look for unique problems, which are more likely to indicate a truly broken link

If you're feeling adventuresome, W3C provides a more in-depth link checker:

  1. Go to the W3C link checker interface at this link:
  2. Enter the URL for the page you wish to check, and click on the Check button.  Running the check could take several minutes.
  3. When the checker has completed the work, scroll down to view the results.  Again, there will be lots of problematic links listed that are actually just fine, but are protected from robots, so the W3C checker cannot check them.  You can ignore those.  When viewing the other results, a line number will be provided for each problematic link.  To find that actual link on your LibGuide, simply open the actual LibGuide page in your browser, left click, and choose "view page source" (or "view source code," depending on which browser you are using).  Once you can see all the source, you can locate the line number associated with the problematic link and you should be able to figure out where that link actually exists on your page.  Then you can check the link yourself and make changes, if necessary.