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ArcGIS StoryMaps (workshop)

Learn more about using ArcGIS StoryMaps in your research and teaching at Ohio State

Task 5: Adding more content to your story

In this task, you’ll round out your story map with some additional content, including new types of content blocks such as an interactive embed and a button to call your readers to action.


The text content that you'll need for Task 5 can be found in the document linked below.


Task 5 Instructions

  1. Begin by adding the introductory text from the Task 5 Content document linked above. The instructions below provide more detail when you reach the point of adding an embed block so you'll again need to toggle back and forth between these slides and the content document.
  2. The embed block allows you to integrate interactive content from elsewhere on the web directly into your story map. In this task, we're embedding a website within the body of our story.
  3. When you add the Embed block and paste in the link provided, it will likely be added as a Card rather than as an interactive display. The details provided on this card are important because this content will appear as a card on devices where the screen is too small to display interactive content inline. Clicking on the card will open the resource in a new browser window, providing a better experience for users on mobile devices.
    1. When your card appears, click on the Options icon to modify its display settings. 
    2. Check the box for Custom card details, and add the information provided in the Task 5 Content document. Then, click Save.


Customizing card details for an interactive embed


  1. Now, click on the Interactive Embed icon. You will see the Hard to Count site appear in the body of your story.


Displaying a website as an interactive embed


  1. The default display for interactive content is Small, but this can be changed to provide a better user experience. Click on the Large icon to stretch the interactive content across the width of the display.


Making interactive content larger


  1. Click on the Options icon and then the Properties tab to add the alt text provided for the Hard to Count site.
  2. Edit the caption for your newly embedded content with the information in the Task 5 Content document, and then add the remainder of the content provided.


When you have finished adding your content, you'll be ready to share your completed story map in Task 6.

Quick Tips

  1. Use the Preview functionality in ArcGIS StoryMaps to see how your story map would look on phone, tablet, and desktop devices, including in portrait and landscape orientations. This is especially important for getting a sense of how your media will look on different devices, such as Card view vs. Interactive view for embedded content blocks.

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