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ArcGIS StoryMaps (workshop)

Learn more about using ArcGIS StoryMaps in your research and teaching at Ohio State

Task 6: Publishing and sharing your story

By default, all of the content you create in your ArcGIS Online account will be set to private (including your draft stories). In order for your readers to access the story map you created, you will need to publish and share it using one of several options discussed below.

Task 6 Instructions

  1. Before publishing your map, add one final piece of content. Scroll down all the way to the bottom until the optional Credits footer appears. Add the following text:
    1. Heading: Credits
    2. Description: This activity titled Using ArcGIS StoryMaps in Your Research and Teaching by Joshua Sadvari and Katie Phillips is intended for educational use only. To access the content necessary to complete this activity yourself, visit:
      1. Add this hyperlink:
  2. Once you’ve finished adding the credits, click on Publish in the top menu. Your sharing options include private, my organization, everyone (public), and groups.


Sharing the story map with OSU's organization


  1. For this exercise, choose the option to share your story map with My organization, which will allow anyone at OSU with an ArcGIS Online organizational account to view your story map. Click Publish story.
  2. The ArcGIS StoryMaps platform will check your story and alert you to any issues. You will likely see the following screen letting you know that the web map that you copied in Task 1 and added to your sidecar in Task 4 also needs to be shared with My organization. The visibility of the web maps in your story is dependent on you choosing to share this item at the same permissions level you have chosen for sharing your published story map (in this case, OSU’s organization). Click Yes, share these items. Congrats - your story is now published!


Updating sharing settings for web map


  1. Now go back to the Content page in your ArcGIS Online organizational account (sign in again if necessary). In addition to your copy of the web map, you should now see an entry for your published story map too.
  2. Click on your story map to open the item details page, where you could fill out additional information. At the bottom right of the item details page is the URL for your published story map to facilitate sharing with your desired audience.
  3. If you'd like to check your finished story map against our reference version, you can do so here.


In this exercise, you got some hands-on experience creating a story map with many different types of content and publishing a finished product. In the final section of this online workshop, you'll be provided with additional resources so that you can use and enhance your story mapping skills.

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