Guo's Lab library guide

This is a non-public guide for a specific lab

Decisions about databases and searching...

How can I:

- search for peer-reviewed/scholarly/academic material?

- choose between different sources/databases? 

- efficiently sort through results?

- navigate the different databases?

- find the best results?

- find what resources are even available?

- find pharmacy-specific resources? Like Lexicomp?

The first answer: The main Pharmacy Guide! This guide lists all the resources that are useful for pharmacy. Its categories can help you choose between different databases, making you more efficient and yielding better results. 

The second answer: develop a search strategy to meet your needs. Use the filters and terms to limit your searches. Keep track of your searches and use a management system for your results (like Zotero) prevents duplication of work! 

Organize and cite your information

How to keep your bookmarked or downloaded articles together and make citing easier?

How to better store searches within these databases?

I don't recommend storing searches in databases, as database composition tends to change quite a bit, and you have to create a separate personal account in each one. Instead, I recommend using a citation management software, like Zotero, that allows you to easily save your articles and webpages in one place, as well as create a reference list from them. It will also de-duplicate your articles when you collect the same article from different databases, making it easier to sift through results. However, I do encourage keeping track of your searches with a table or spreadsheet. This prevents you from searching the same database over and over again with the same terms.