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This guide serves as a starting point to find information on Ukraine, especially content that covers the issues that have lead up to the current crisis. On this page, you will see books, videos, articles, news sources, theses, and maps. On the left, you'll see topical pages, which will lead you to additional resources. Please reach out to the guide authors for additional assistance.

Recommended Books

cover - Skills for a Modern Ukraine

Skills for a Modern Ukraine

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cover - Ukraine and Europe

Ukraine and Europe

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cover - Miscommunicating Social Change

Miscommunicating Social Change

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Journal Articles & Conference Papers

These journal articles / conference papers cover recent crises and war issues in Ukraine.

These journal articles / conference papers cover the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

The media's role in how Ukraine and its relationship with Russia are covered in the following journal articles / conference papers.

Theses & DIssertations