Understanding the Global Information Society

Resources on Western Europe

Western Europe is a geographical region that encompasses  many different cultures and languages.  The OSU Libraries collections on Western Europe are very broad in scope and cover a range of subjects.  Many resources on this region are part of broader works on Europe or the European Union.  A search for resources in the library catalog or in databases should include the use of broad and specific geographic terms along with specific topic terms to explore for what is needed.  


Geography and Natural Environment:

Sources focused on climate, water resources and vegetation


Sources focused on population (spatial) distribution, migration, and demographics


Sources focused on the economic sector, urbanization, and economic systems


Sources focused on current and changing ideology, ethnicity, language, religion, and social class


Sources focused on territorial divisions, cooperation (economic/security/military), and conflict

News Sources

West European Events

Ohio State Univesity offers a minor in West European Studies in the International Studies Program.