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Resources on South Asia


About the Ohio State University's South Asian Area Studies Collection
South Asia falls under the Middle East Studies section of the OSU Library.  While OSU Libraries do not have as extensive a collection of South Asian titles as other research libraries that have larger and older programs, we do have access to a large number of databases dealing with the sub-continent.  We also have a large number of English language Indian journals available online.

See the Bibliography of Asian Studies for resources for this region.


Geography and Natural Environment:

Sources focused on climate, water resources and vegetation



Sources focused on population (spatial) distribution, migration, and demographics


Sources focused on the economic sector, urbanization, and economic systems



Sources focused on current and changing ideology, ethnicity, language, religion, and social class



Sources focused on territorial divisions, cooperation (economic/security/military), and conflict


News Sources

Local Columbus Events

The Indian Students Association organizes a variety of local cultural events including annual celebrations of the Hindu festivals Holi and Diwali. Check their website for more information on dates and scheduling.

Also check out the annual India Festival.