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About Latin America, Iberia, Latino/a, Spanish & Portuguese Area Studies Collection at The Ohio State University:
The Latin America, Hispanic, Spanish, and Portuguese (LAT) collection at Ohio State University Libraries is the largest of its type in the state.  The collection developed consequent to agricultural educational exchanges between OSU and Latin American institutions, fostered by the US Agency for International Development.  Thereby the collection presents a core of imprints from the middle decades of the twentieth century focusing on agriculture, statistics, and underdeveloped countries.  The US Defense Education Act fostered development of Brazilian Portuguese holdings.  The Talfourd Linn Collection of historic translations of Don Quixote comprises a premier Hispanic literary resource with numerous editions available as full-text retrieval.  The Mayan classic, Popul Wuj (Popol Vuh) is also digitally accessible.  Further specialized holdings include archival material for early twentieth century Brazilian medical history.   In general, the collection is a broad, working resource allowing ample study and research materials for the regions of:  Mexico, parts of Central America and the Caribbean, Peru and Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil.  Resources for Latino studies are an increasing part of the collection due to the growth of Latin American immigration in the state.


Geography and Natural Environment:

Sources focused on climate, water resources and vegetation

This National Geographic documentary feature five stories that illustrate Latin America's regional natural resources.


Sources focused on population (spatial) distribution, migration, and demographics

A discussion with Mexico’s Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Eduardo Medina Mora, focused on the changing dynamics of immigration and their implications for both Mexico and the United States.


A panel discussion on the Regional Migration Study Group's final report, "Thinking Regionally to Compete Globally: Leveraging Migration & Human Capital in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America."  


Sources focused on the economic sector, urbanization, and economic systems


Sources focused on current and changing ideology, ethnicity, language, religion, and social class

A short film by Whoo Kazoo on Día de los Muertos [Day of the Dead]


Sources focused on territorial divisions, cooperation (economic/security/military), and conflict



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