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B. Guy Peters Discusses Public Administration and Public Policy

"Professor B. Guy Peters reflects on public administration as a profession. He analyzes its evolution and development throughout modern government."  Video includes 19 segments.  Select individual segments at

Using Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation

"Dr. Ronald A. Harris explains how to use statistical techniques and quantitative methods to evaluate a program."

Evaluating Public Policy Proposals

"Using concrete examples and current debates, Professor Michael Kraft describes five types of policy analysis: cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, risk, political feasibility, and ethical."  Includes 8 segments.  Select individual segments at

Public Sector Management

"Professor Alberto Asquer and Norman Flynn discuss the development of public sector management as field of study. They outline domestic and international differences, and describe how public expectations and involvement affect the delivery of services."  Includes 11 segments.  Selected individual segments at

Canadian Public Policy

"Dr. Dana Lee Baker and Davi Kallman present an overview of disability and public policy in Canada. After presenting basic information and history about Canada, they focus on four primary areas of disability policy: education, employment, health care, and social services."  Includes 5 segments.  Select individual segments at

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