Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Databases (Searching for articles)

For a complete listing of and access information for OSU Library research databases for each of the following disciplines, click on the desired discipline.

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On-campus access to most databases is available: (1)  through the above links, (2) by searching the Research Databases List from the OSU Library homepage, or (3) by going directly to the database website.

 Off-campus access to most databases can be achieved by going directly through the Libraries' catalog (which will prompt you for authentication) or using one of the other routes for off-campus access.  Additionally, most database suppliers permit access directly from their site with OSU authentication.  If OSU holds a subscription to a database and if the supplier provides direct access, proxy authentication can be achieved by inserting before the provider’s URL.

Example:  For direct off-campus access to IEEE Xplore, place the following in your browser’s address bar:

 More information on accessing articles