Middle East Studies

Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2018 Ph.D. Communications Behrouzian, Golnoosh From Reactance to Political belief Accuracy : Evaluating Citizen's Response to Media Censorship and Bias
2018 Ph.D. History Kadric, Sanja Ottoman Bosnia and Hercegovina: Islamization, Ottomanization, and Origin Myths
2018 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Mezger, Christopher K. The Two Syriac Manuscripts in the Rare Books Collection of The Ohio State University’s Thompson Library
2018 Ph.D, Educational Studies Tiba, Eman Arab Americans: The Power of Creative Expression to Combat Discrimination
2018 Ph.D. EDU Teaching and Learning Diri-Rierder, Youmna Finding Way Just Like An Ant
2018 Ph.D. EDU Teaching and Learning Sari, Artanti Puspita Online Socialization into Languages and Religion: Tracing the Experiences of Transnational Families
2018 Ph.D. English Alhajji, Ali A. The Reliability of Cross-Cultural Communication in Contemporary Anglophone Arab Writing”
2018 M.S. Enviromental and Natural resources Walton, Sarah The Real Issue Is…”: A Case Study of Anti-Muslim Mobilization in a Rural Great Plains Community
2018 Ph.D. History Miller, Brenna Caroline Between Faith and Nation: Defining Bosnian Muslims in Tito's Yugoslavia, 1945-1980
2018 Ph.D. History Shimoda, Kyle S. T. The "Gateways" of the Crusader Peloponnese: Castles, Fortifications, and Feudal Exchanges in the Principality of Achaea, 1204-1432
2018 Ph.D. Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Breau, Andrea M. A Refuge for Racism: Gender, Sexuality and Multicultural Fantasies in Youth Social Practices in Lewiston, Maine
2017 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Alatawi, Ahmaed Saleem The Representation of Social Hierarchy in Saudi Women Novelists’ Discourse Between 2004 and 2015
2017 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Bond, David M
Images of the Past: Nostalgias in Modern Tunisia
2017 Ph.D. Arts Administration Fazlioglu Akin, Zulal Cultural Policy in Turkey – European Union Relations​
2017 Ph.D. EDU Teaching and Learning Habbal, Manal S. Classroom discourse in an Arabic foreign language classroom and the perceived benefits of interactions among learners: A case study of college-level Heritage Language Learners (HLLs) and Foreign Language Learners (FLLs)
2017 Ph.D. History Perego, Elizabeth Marie Laughing in the Face of Death: Humor during the Algerian Civil War, 1991-2002
2017 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Selby, Parker Husayn's Dirt: The Beginnings and Development of Shi'i Ziyara in the Early Islamic Period
2017 M.F.A. Arts Administration Rehman, Sadia This is My Family: An Erasure
2017 Ph.D. Political Science Silverman, Daniel M. Perceptions and Misperceptions in War: Civilian Beliefs about Violence and their Consequences in Pakistan, Iraq, and Beyond
2017 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Zhao, Yuanhao Space of mortality: a study of death-related practices and talks in a Chinese Muslim village
2016 Ph.D. History Baltacioglu-Brammer, Ayse Safavid Conversion Propaganda in Ottoman Anatolia and the Ottoman Reaction, 1440s-1630s
2016 Ph.D. Theatre Brogan, Allison Faith Performance and Visibility: Arab American Women's Influence on Post-9/11 Plays, Solo Performance, and Stand-Up Comedy
2016 M.A. Slavic and East European Studies Reynolds, Taylor Theories on the Implications of Migration
2016 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Schaffner, Ryan P The Bible through a Qur’ānic Filter: Scripture Falsification (Taḥrīf) in 8th- and 9th-Century Muslim Disputational Literature
2016 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Shahrani, Shahreena In Pursuit of `Good Society’: Navigating Politics, Marriage, and Adulthood in Contemporary Jordan
2016 Ph.D. History Siddiqui, Ali Gibran The Naqshbandiyya after Khwaja Ahrar: Networks of Trade in Central and South Asia
2015 Ph.D. History of Art Andersen, Angela Lyn Cem Evleri: An Examination of the Historical Roots and Contemporary Meanings of Alevi Architecture and Iconography
2015 M.A. History Archer, Amy L. Before Gokalp and After Gokalp: Ziya Gokalp and Literary Turkism, 1876-1923
2015 Ph.D. French and Italian Barbo, Adrianne Marie From Post-Cards to Stand-Up: Cross Cultural Representations of the Veil in France and the Maghreb
2015 Ph.D. Civil Engineering Bu-Qammaz, Amani S A S Risk Management Model for International Public Construction Joint Venture Projects in Kuwait
2015 Ph.D. Political Science Cinar, Suleyman Kursat The Rise of Hegemonic Party Rule: The Case of Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey
2015 M.A. Anthropology Foley, Amanda Lynn Paleoethnobotanical analysis of Medieval Ziyaret Tepe (Southeastern Turkey)
2015 M.A. Slavic and European Studies Gibson, Joshua James An Unsustainable Arrangement: The Collapse of the Republic of Afghanistan in 1992
2015 Ph.D. Near East Languages and Cultures Hackenburg, Clint Voices of the converted : Christian apostate literature in medieval Islam
2015 Ph.D. History Helicke, James C. "Armed Minorities": The Cold War, Human Rights, and Ethnicity in U.S.-Turkish Relations
2015 Ph.D. Near East Languages and Cultures Hemmig, Christopher T. What Development? Poverty and the Struggle to Survive in the Fuuta Tooro Region of Southern Mauritania
2015 Ph.D. History Honchell, Stephanie The Story of a Drunken Mughal: Alcohol Culture in Timurid Central Asia
2015 Ph.D. History Hunt, Catalina Changing Identities at the Fringes of the Late Ottoman Empire: The Muslims of Dobruca, 1839-1914
2015 Ph.D. Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Husain, Taneem Empty Diversity in Muslim America: Religion, Race, and the Politics of U.S. Inclusion
2015 M.A. Slavic and Eastern European Studies Pavlou, Ioannis Nikos The “Menace from the North” and the Suppression of the Left: Greece and NATO
2015 Ph.D. History Scharfe, Patrick Muslim Scholars and the Public Sphere in Mehmed Ali Pasha's Egypt, 1801-1841
2015 Ph.D. French and Italian Sharif, Jaleh  France-Iran: dans le sillage du "désintérêt" politique à une fascination culturelle mutuelle
2015 Ph.D. Near East Languages and Culture Price, Joe H. Chastised Rulers in the Ancient Near East
2014 Ph.D. Music Beardslee, Thomas Barone Questioning Safeguarding: Heritage and Capabilities at the Jemaa el Fnaa
2014 Ph.D. History Ewing, Hannah E. A “Truly Unmonastic Way of Life”: Byzantine Critiques of Monasticism in the Twelfth Century
2014 Ph.D. Women's Studies Kaedbey, Dima Building Theory Across Struggles: Queer Feminist Thought from Lebanon
2014 Ph.D. Arts Administration, Education and Policy Smith, Ruth Marie Young Somali Women and Narrative Participatory Photography: Interrupting Fixed Identities through Dumarka Soomaaliyeed Voices Unveiled
2014 M.A. Near East Languages and Cultures Tuley, Katherine Anne The Personal and the Political: Marriage Alliances in Antioch and Edessa
2014 M.A. Near East Languages and Cultures Zargar, Cameron The Hanbali and Wahhabi Schools of Thought as Observed Through the Case of Ziyarah


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Biglin, Brent Alexander Discipline and DIsorder in Women's Fiction Through the Lebanese Civil War
2013 Ph.D. History Erginbas, Vefa The appropriation of Islamic history and Ahl al-Baytism in Ottoman historical writing : 1300-1650
2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Kashou, Hanan Hussam War and Exile In Contemporary Iraqi Women’s Novels
2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Lammendola, Daniel Julian Hybridization and Enunciation in Arab-Italian Migrant Literature
2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Mangialardi, Nicholas Rocco Egyptian Hip Hop and the January 25th Revolution
2013 Ph.D. English Mehta, Suhaan Kiran Cosmopolitanism, Fundamentalism, and Empire: 9/11 Fiction and Film from Pakistan and the Pakistani Diaspora
2013 Ph.D. EDU Teaching and Learning Mitchell, Robert D The Future Kingdom: A Survey of Saudi Arabian Students Enrolled in Higher Education in the United States
2013 M.A. Anthropology Nugent, Selin Elizabeth A Death on the Imperial Frontier: an osteobiography of Roman burial from Oglanqala, Azerbaijan
2013 Ph.D. Art Seleem, Amany Youssef The Interface of Religious and Political Conflict in Egyptian Theatre
2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Smith, Julianna Kaye Coptic Papacy and Power in a Changing Post-Mubarak Egypt
2013 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture White, Breanne Gender and Resistance in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Woman's Voice in the Literary Works of Sahar Khalifeh and David Grossman
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Bell, Joanna D. The Qur’anic Hanīfiyya and its Role as a Middle Nation
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Bond, David M. The city will follow you: Tunis, Tunisia, and the Mediterranean
2012 M.A. Theatre Brogan, Alison Faith Fortifying the roar of women : Betty Shamieh and the Palestinian-American female voice
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Frankel, David Harry Studies in Saadiah Gaon's Arabic Translations
2012 Ph.D. EDU Policy and Leadership Gaebel, Mary Kate An intersectionality approach to understanding Turkish women's educational attainment in Germany
2012 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Gatling, Benjamin C. Post-Soviet sufism : texts and the performance of tradition in Tajikistan
2012 M.S. Human Ecology; Human Nutrition Al-Ghadban, Fatima A. Evaluating the face validity of an Arabic-language translation of a food security questionnaire in Arabic-speaking populations
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Hunanyan, Gevorg The Image of the Prostitute in Modern Arabic Literature.
2012 M.A. Geography Massey, David

"Expert" and "non-expert" decision making in a participatory games simulation : a farming scenario in Athienou, Cyprus

2012 M.A. History Siddiqui, Ali Gibran The Sufi Ṭarīqa as an Exchange Network: The Aḥrārīs in Timūrid Central Asia.
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Sweetser, Heather Marie A chapter in the history of coffee : a critical edition and translation of Murtaḍā az-Zabīdī's epistle on coffee
2012 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Zhau, Yuanhao Performing Differences: Negotiating a Muslim Minority’s Space in China
2011 Ph.D. History Akin, Yigit The Ottoman Home Front during World War I: Everyday Politics, Society, and Culture
2011 Ph.D. Geography Atalan-Helicke, Nurcan The Seeds of Change: The State, The Politics of Development and Conservation in Neoliberal Turkey
2011 Ph.D. Social Work Alawam, Sultan Ali In the Shadow of War on Terrorism: The influence of Terrorist-Labeling on Arab Muslims' Identity
2011 Ph.D. Anthropology Gregoricka, Lesley Ann Mobility, Exchange, and Tomb Membership in Bronze Age Arabia: A Biogeochemical Investigation
2011 Ph.D. History Barry, Stephen Thomas Battle-scarred and Dirty: US Army Tactical Leadership in the Mediterranean Theater, 1942-1943
2011 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Driver, Cory Thomas Personal experience (Hi)stories from Moroccan mixed ethno-religious communities
2011 Ph.D. Comparative Studies Honarmand, Saeed The impact of Modernity Discourse on Persian Fiction
2011 Ph.D. History Hyland, Steven L. Jr Margins of the Mahjar: Arabic-Speaking Immigrants in Argentina, 1880-1946.
2011 Ph.D. Public Health Jradi, Hoda A. Tobacco Dependence in Medical Education in Countries of the Middle East and North Africa
2011 M.A. East Asian Language and Literature Margulies, Matthew Eric The Contradictions Created by China’s Middle East Policies and Role, and Future Development Opportunities
2011 M.A. History Marvel, Elizabeth Paulson Ottoman Feminism and Republican Reform: Fatma Aliye's Nisvân-ı İslâm.
2011 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture
Myers, Trisha Marie
Kitabu Mesalihi’l Muslimin and Counsel for Sultans: Text and Context in the Nasihatname Genre of the Ottoman Empire, 16th-17th c.
2011 M.A. History Perry, John H. Marrying the Orient and the Occident: Shipping and Commerce between France and Algeria, 1830-1914.
2011 Ph.D. Sociology Price, Anne M Constraints and Opportunities: The Shaping of Attitudes Towards Women‘s Employment in the Middle East..
2011 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Stewart, Christopher Paul The Arabic Adjective and Attribute


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2011 Ph.D. EDU Physical Activity and Educational Services Tabbah, Rhonda Self-Concept in Arab American Adolescents: Implications of Social Support and Experiences in the Schools
2011 M.A. Near Eastern languages and Culture Tuazon, Allen L "Understanding" in Revelation: the root ‘-Q-L in the Qur’ān.
2011 Ph.D. Music Utter, Hans Fredrick Networks of Music and History: Vilayat Khan and the Emerging Sitar.
2011 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture White, Carron “A Christian by Religion and a Muslim by Fatherland”: Egyptian Discourses on Coptic Equality.
2010 Ph.D. Education Alghothani, Dima. Foreign Language Anxiety in an Intermediate Arabic Reading Course: A Comparison of Heritage and Foreign Language Learners.
2010 Ph.D. History Börekçi, Günhan. Factions and Favorites at the Courts of Sultan Ahmed I (r. 1603-17) and His Immediate Predecessors.
2010 M.A. History Carrozzo, Michael Anthony Journeys to Byzantium? Roman Senators Between Rome and Constantinople.
2010 Ph.D. History de la Garza, Andrew Mughals at War: Babur, Akbar and the Indian Military Revolution, 1500 - 1605.
2010 Ph.D. Slavic and East European Studies Dempsey, Timothy A. Russian Rule in Turkestan: A Comparison with British India through the Lens of World-Systems Analysis.
2010 M.S.W. Social Work Elhag, Razaz Fathi. The Impact of Immigration ‘New Diaspora’ on Women’s Mental Health and Family Structure: A Case Study of Sudanese Women in Columbus-Ohio.
2010 Ph.D. Geography Ewers, Michael C. Post-Oil Knowledge: The Acquisition of ‎ Human Capital for Transition in The Arab Gulf States.
2010 Ph.D. Linguistics Heintz, Ilana Arabic Language Modeling with Stem-Derived Morphemes for Automatic Speech Recognition
2010 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Hess, Tara K. Forced to Flee: Iraqi Experiences of Displacement in the 2003 War.
2010 Ph.D. Education Teaching and Learning Isik-Ercan, Zeynep Z. Making Sense of Schooling, Identity, and Culture: Experiences of Turkish Students and Their Parents.
2010 Ph.D. Education Teaching and Learning Nichols, Jennifer Lynn Motivation and Affective Variables in Arabic Language Learning for Iraq War Veterans: Language Learning Experiences Inside and Outside the Classroom.
2010 Ph.D. History Poyraz, Serdar. Science versus Religion: The Influence of European Materialism on Turkish Thought, 1860-1960.
2010 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Ruffner, Todd W. Identity and Border Relations between Iraq and Iran in the 20th Century: The Cases of Khuzestan and Shatt al-Arab.
2010 M.A. History Scharfe, Patrick. Portrayals of the Later Abbasid Caliphs: The Role of the Caliphate in Buyid and Saljūq-era Chronicles, 936-1180.
2010 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Shahrani, Shahreena. The Social (Re)Construction of 'Urfi Marriage.
2010 Ph.D. ED Policy and Leadership Shenkar, Miriam The Politics of Normalization: Israel Studies in the Academy
2010 Ph.D. Anthropology Tyree, Daniel J Environmental Change and the Physical Growth Status of Somali Children Born in the United States.
2010 Ph.D. Anthropology Ullinger, Jaime Skeletal Health Changes and Increasing Sedentism at Early Bronze Age Bab edh-Dhra’, Jordan
2010 M.A, Comparative Studies Weisz, Talia M. Voices from Israel/Palestine: A Documentary Video Exhibition.
2010 Ph.D. Political Science Yildirim, Abdulkadir Muslim Democratic Parties: Economic Liberalization and Islamist Moderation in the Middle East.
2009 Ph.D. Comparative Studies Adelman, Rebecca A The Shadow Rules of Engagement: Visual Practices, Citizen-Subjectivity, and America's Global War on Terror.
2009 Ph.D. Spanish and Portuguese Busic, Jason David. Saving the Lost Sheep: Mission and Culture in Pedro Guerra de Lorca’s Catecheses mystagogicae pro aduenis ex secta Mahometana: Ad Parochos, et Potestates (1586).
2009 Ph.D. History Chamberlin, Paul Preparing for Dawn: The United States and the Global Politics of Palestinian Resistance, 1967-1975.
2009 M.A. ED Teaching and Learning Clark, Allan Stanley The Crisis of Translation in the Western Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis of al-Qā'ida Communiqués
2009 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Hackenburg, Clint R. An Arabic-to-English Translation of the Religious Debate between the Nestorian Patriarch Timothy I and the 'Abbāsid Caliph al-Mahdī.
2009 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Hemmig, Christopher T. Peripheral Agents: Marginality in Arab Folk Narrative.
2009 Ph.D. Rural Sociology Al-Huraibi, Nahla Abdullah.  Islam, Gender and Integration in Transnational / Heterolocalist Contexts A Case Study of Somali Immigrant Families in Columbus, Ohio.
2009 M.A. Music Pritchard, Maureen Elizabeth Christine Legends borne by life : myth, grieving and the circulation of knowledge within Kyrgyz contexts
2009 M.A. Comparative Studies Rearick, Nicole Anne. "Food is something that we gather around”: Foodway Practices among Arab Americans in Columbus, Ohio.
2009 M.A. Anthropology Sadvari, Joshua W. Diet, Nutrition, and Activity at Khirbat al-Mudayna: Inferring Health in an Historical Bedouin Sample.
2009 Ph.D. Political Science
Sarfati, Yusuf.
The Rise of Religious Parties in Israel and Turkey: A Comparative Study.
2009 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Steppenbacker, James The Palestine Communist Party from 1919-1939: A study of the subaltern centers of power in Mandate Palestine.
2009 Ph.D. Education Policy Yilmaz, Haci Bayram Turkish Students’ Scientific Literacy Scores: A Multilevel Analysis of Data from Program for International Student Assessment.


Dissertations and Theses at OSUL

2008 Ph.D. Art Education Barnes, Maribea Woodington Ethnographic Research in Morocco: Analyzing Contemporary Artistic Practices and Visual Culture
2008 M.F.A. English Brauer, Kimberly Murat : a biography between stories
2008 M.A. Near Eastern Language and Culture Diwan, Naazneen Female legal subjects and excused violence :  male collective welfare through state-sanctioned discipline in the Levantine French mandate and metropolis
2008 M.A. Comparative Studies Duzel, Esin Toward an anthropology of the state :  unsettling effects of the September 12 Coup on the ulkucu Movement in Turkey
2008 M.A. Near Eastern Language and Culture Gatling, Benjamin C. Negotiations in performance : a study of the storytelling performance of two adolescent Afghan storytellers
2008 Ph.D. Romance Languages Harsh, Mary Anne From muse to militant :  francophone women novelists and surrealist aesthetics
2008 Ph.D. Sociology Hughes, Melanie Politics at the intersection :  : a cross-national analysis of minority women's legislative
2008 Ph.D. Political Science Kennedy, Ryan Lifting the Curse: Distribution and Power in Petro-States
2008 Ph.D. Political Science Moore, Christopher Beyond a contest of wills : theory of state success and failure in insurgent conflicts
2008 Ph.D. Political Science Nelson, Bradley Norman Regime type and the persistence of costly small wars
2008 Ph.D. Women's Studies Schrock, Richelle D. Cultural Divides, Cultural Transitions: The Role of Gendered and Racialized Narratives of Alienation in the Lives of Somali Muslim Refugees in Columbus, Ohio
2008 Ph.D. History Sencer. Emre Virtuous Praetorians: Military Culture and the Defense Press in Germany and Turkey, 1929-1939
2008 Ph.D. History Shadchehr, Farah Fatima Golparvaran Abd al-Rahman Jami: Naqshbandi Sufi, Persian Poet
2008 Ph.D. Political Science Sulaiman, Yohanes The banteng and the eagle
2007 Ph.D. Romance Languages Akindjo, Oniankpo  Poetique de la relation scolaire dans le roman francophone
2007 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Andruss, Jessica Hope The Judaeo-Arabic commentary on Jonah by the Karaite Japheth ben Eli : introduction and translation
2007 Ph.D. History of Art Akin, Esra Mustafa Ali's Epic deeds of artists : a study on the earliest Ottoman text about the calligraphers and  painters of the Islamic world.
2007 Ph.D. Geological Sciences Asgharzadeh, Mohammad Forman Geodynamical analysis of the Iranian Plateau and surrounding regions.
2007 Ph.D. History Balabanlilar, Lisa Ann Lords of the Auspicious Conjunction :  Turco-Mongol imperial identity on the subcontinent.
2007 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Culture Coza, Hatice Between modernity and Islam : the literary analysis of Islamist women's texts in Turkey after the 1970s
2007 M.A. Communications Dodds, Daniel Eugene Argument identifiers : how terrorist events are reported online by the Islamic Republic News Agency and The New York Times
2007 M.A. Comparative Studies Duzel, Esin Toward an anthropology of the state : unsettling effects of the September 12 Coup on the ulkucu Movement in Turkey
2007 Ph.D. History Gazerani, Ameneh The Sistani cycle of epics.
2007 Ph.D. Education Gunel, Elvan  Understanding Muslim girls' experiences in midwestern school settings
2007 M.F.A. English Kaiser-Bonasso, Christine The simplest form of falling
2007 M.A. Comparative Studies Newman, Phillip A Abu Ghraib, abjection and American exceptionalism
2007 Ph.D. Agricultural, Environmental & Developmental Economics Rosen, Jeffrey Scott Remittances, investment, and portfolio allocations
2007 Ph.D. History Saracoglu, Mehmet Safa Letters from Vidin :  a study of Ottoman governmentality and politics of local administration, 1864-1877
2007 M.A. English Sidebottom, Christina M  An introductory survey of the plays, novels, and stories of Tawfiq  al-Hakim, as translated into English
2007 Ph.D. Political Science Toronto, Nathan W. Why war is not enough : military defeat, the division of labor, and military professionalization.
2006 Ph.D. Social Work Abdel Meguid, Mona Bakry Arab immigrant women's definition of marital violence.>
2006 Ph.D. Civil Engineering Al-Kaabi, Noura Salem A fuzzy-based construction safety advisor (CSA) for construction safety in the United Arab Emirates.>
2006 Ph.D. Social Work Al-Ma'seb, Hend Batel Acculturation factors among Arab/Moslem women who live in the  western culture.
2006 Ph.D. Music Baltagi, Ibrahim Relationships among folk song preferences of grade five students
2006 M.A. History Barry, Steven Thomas Forging the way : 1st armored division leadership from Oran to  Bizerte, 1942-1943.
2006 M.A. Comparative Studies Coggeshall, Elizabeth A. Interdiscursivity, religious myth, and claims to truth in the Libro Della Scala and the Commedia
2006 Ph.D. Political Science Delgado, Joseph Antonio Troubling parallels : an analysis of America's inability to  overcome the obstacles that led to the defeat of the Red Army in  the Soviet-Afghan war


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2005 Ph.D. Education Al-Asmari, Ali M
The Use of the Internet among EFL Teachers at the Colleges of  Technology in Saudi Arabia.
2005 Ph.D. English Almansour, Ahmed Nidal The Middle East in Antebellum America.
2005 Ph.D. Anthropology Al-Sejari, Maha M Age at Natural Menopause and Menopausal Symptoms among Saudi Arabian Women  in Al-Khobarr.
2005 Ph.D. History of Art Arslan, Savas Hollywood Alla Turca :  a History of Popular Cinema in Turkey.
2005 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Benninger, Hannah Ruth Developing Advanced Arabic Proficiency : a Student Perspective.
2005 M.A. Comparative Studies Bock, Sheila Marie From harem fantasy to female empowerment : rhetorical strategies  and dynamics of style in American belly dance
2005 M.A. History
Cakir, Okan
Jews from Konstantiniyye to Islambol : Istanbul jewry in the 17th century according to the accounts of Evliya and Eremya Celebi
2005 M.A. Journalism Cannon, Khalid J Public Opinion and Media Coverage During the Iraq War : an Examination of Media Framing and Priming.
2005 Ph.D. Education Cetinkaya, Yesim Bektas Turkish College Students' Willingness to Communicate in English as a Foreign Language.
2005 Ph.D. History Clement, Victoria Rewriting the "Nation"  : Turkmen Literacy, Language, and Power, 1904-2004.
2005 Ph.D. History Curry, John Joseph Transforming Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire.
2005 M.A. Education Hardt, Hillary Anne Values in the Negotiation of Educational Barriers : Somali  College Students' Academic Achievement as Investments in Community Success.
2005 M.A. Psychology Harrison, John Michael Identifying with a Suicide Bomber : an Examination of the Role of  Identification in Narrative Persuasion.
2005 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Honarmand, Saeed Reading Shahnameh in the Context of Messianic Expectation.
2005 M.A. History Kazemi, Ranin Morality and Idealism : Abu'l-Fazl Bayhaqi's Historical Thought in Tarikh-i Bayhaqi.
2005 M.A. History Konstantopoulou, Stavroula The Institution of Confraternities in Byzantium.
2005 M.A. Communications Latham, Saundra Marie Framing the Fallen : Portrayals of Iraq War Troop Casualties in U.S. Newspapers.
2005 M.A. Sociology Moulta-Ali, Umar Civil challenge and democratic transitions in sub-Saharan Africa 1991-2000.
2005 Ph.D. Education Oguz, Ayse  Surveying American and Turkish middle school students' existing  knowledge of earthquakes by using a systemic network.
2005 M.A. Communications Smith, Thomas David The "Casualties Hypothesis" : the influence of news media coverage of U.S. military deaths on public support for military operations.
2005 Ph.D. Political Science Strathman, Brent Who advises? :  power, politics, & persuasion in foreign policy decision making
2005 M.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Taylor, Christopher Lee Bakhtiyari folktales : selections from Afsanah'ha-yi Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiyari.
2005 M.A. History Ulutas, Ufuk Uss-i Inkilab : an official narrative of the evolution of reforms in the Ottoman Empire.
2005 Ph.D. Horticulture Zahreddine, Hala Ghassan The domestication of Lebanese native tree species.
2004 Ph.D. Education Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz Ismail The Effectiveness of Saudi Arabia's Secondary Industrial Institutes Cooperative Education Programs as Perceived by Their  Institutes Cooperative Education Programs as Perceived by Their Organizational Partners.
2004 Ph.D. Education Aldousari, Badi Sport Development in Kuwait : Perception of Stakeholders on the Significance and Delivery of Sport.
2004 Ph.D. Social Work Aloud, Nasser Factors Affecting Attitudes Toward Seeking and Using Formal Mental Health and Psychological Services among Arab-Muslims population.
2004 Ph.D. Education Arikan, Serkan The Relationship between High School and College Quantitative and Verbal Aptitude Test Scores of Students in Turkey.
2004 Ph.D. German Boran, Erol M Eine Geschichte des turkisch-deutschen Theaters und Kabaretts.
2004 Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies Demerir, Yucel Tradition and Politics : New Years Festivals in Turkey.
2004 M.A. History Kopans, David The Israeli Decision to Agree to Withdraw from the Egyptian Territory Conquered in the Sinai Campaign, 1956.
2004 Ph.D. Political Science Mujani, Saiful Religious Democrats: Democratic Culture and Muslim Political Participation in Post-Suharto Indonesia.
2004 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Wightman, Melinda Cathrin 'Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi's Vision for an Islamic Renaissance.
2004 Ph.D. History Wilhite, Vincent Steven Guerrilla War, Counterinsurgency, and State Formation in Ottoman Yemen.
2004 Ph.D. Arts Zeyad, Sultan Investigation of the Education and Practice of Calligraphy in Saudi Arabia.


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2003 Ph.D. Social Work Abu-Sada, Eman Y.
Conceptualizations, Definitions, Practices, and Activities of  People's Participation in Social Development Projects from the  Viewpoint of Funding Northern NGOs and Their Local Palestinian Partners.
2003 Ph.D. History Armanios, Febe Coptic Christians in Ottoman Egypt.
2003 M.A. History Balabanlilar, Lisa A. Re-Ordering Society and Improving the World : the Grand Vizierate of Koprulu Mehmet Pasha, 1650-1661.
2003 Ph.D. Education Bashir-Ali, Khadar The Invisible Minority : the Academic, Linguistic, Social, and Cultural Integration of Refugee Students  in the Public Schools in Italy and the U.S.: a Comparative Study.
2003 Ph.D. Sociology Benderlioglu, Zeynep A Perception of Hostility and Blameworthiness, Anger, and  Aggression in the US, Turkey, and China.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Boland, Saba M. G. The Karbala Paradigm in Iranian Shi'te Memory : Questions on Tradition, Narrative, Ritual, and Performance.
2003 Ph.D. Music Bush, Abra K. The Liriche da Camera of Francesco Santoliquido.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Cakir, Muge Earthquake : Women's Images of Home and the City in Post Disaster.
2003 M.A. Comparative Studies Corvington, Natalie Anne Transcoding the Madwoman in International Surrealist Texts.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Demirer, Derya Keskin Women Between Modernity, Islam and Orientalism, a Case Study : the Headscarf Dilemma in Turkey.
2003 M.A. Geography El-Hennawy, Farida September 11 and the Geography of Muslim Identities : a Study of the Muslim Women in Columbus, Ohio.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Felek, Ozgen The Death of Narcissus : an Experiment in the Psychoanalysis of an Ottoman Poet.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Gazerani, Ameneh Thugs, Thieves, Tricksters or Popular Heroes? : a Comparative Look at the Phenomenon of 'Ayyari.
2003 Ph.D. Political Science Peterson, Shannon Stories and Past Lessons : Understanding U.S. Decisions of Armed Humanitarian Intervention and Nonintervention in the Post-Cold War Era.
2003 Ph.D. History Romaniello, Matthew Paul Absolutism and Empire : Governance Along  the Early Modern Frontier.
2003 Ph.D. Economics Solomon, Raphael Haim Reuven Every Bank Run Need Not Cause a Currency Crisis :  : Models of Twin Crisis With Imperfect Information.
2003 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Suliman, Marwan N. Novelistic Worlds of Mu'nis Al-Razzaz : the Trilogy.
2003 Ph.D. History Weber, Charlotte E Making Common Cause?  : Western and Middle  Eastern Feminists in the International Women's Movement, 1911-1948.
2002 Ph.D. Education Alabdelwahab, Sharif Q Portfolio Assessment : a Qualitative Investigation of Portfolio Self-Assessment Practices in an Intermediate EFL Classroom, Saudi Arabia.
2002 Ph.D. Education Alandas, Saleh N. Attitudes of Freshmen in Saudi Technical Colleges toward Vocational-Technical Education and Empowerment Among Bedouin Women Who have Achieved Successful  Professional Lives.
2002 M.S. Social Work Al-Ma'seb, Hend Batel Constructing a Professional Identity : Factors Supporting Choice.
2002 M.A. Comparative Studies Celik, Ipek Azime Spectacular Regimes and Political Drama : a Comparative Study of Greek and Turkish Theatre in the 1960s and 1970s.
2002 Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Clark, Allen Stanley Ideologically Motivated Translation.
2002 Ph.D. Education Dehrab, Badrieh Ahmed A Study of Code-Switching in Four English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Classrooms at the College of Business Studies in Kuwait.
2002 Ph.D. Education Khasawneh, Omar Looking at the Present, Looking Towards the Future : Sport and Physical Education in Jordan.
2002 Ph.D. Art Education Korur, Ahmet F. Democratic Education, the Village Institutes System in Turkey and Its Art Education Component.
2002 Ph.D. City and Regional Planning Kucukmehmetoglu, Mehmet Water resources allocation and conflicts: the case of the Euphrates and the Tigris.
2002 Ph.D. History Nardulli, Bruce Richard Dance of Swords : U.S. Military Assistance to Saudi Arabia ,1942-1964.
2002 Ph.D. Education Panferov, Suzanne Kathryn Exploring the literacy development of Russian and Somali ESL learners
2002 Ph.D. History Yanikdag, Yucel Ill-Fated' Sons of the Nation' : Ottoman Prisoners of War in Russia and Egypt, 1914-1922.
2001 Ph.D. Education Abdulhadi, Maali Mohammed An Exploration and Examination of Reflective Teaching Practice Among Teachers of Islamic Education in Kuwaiti Middle Schools.
2001 Ph.D. Anthropology Akers, Deborah Sue The Tribal Concept in Urban Saudi Arabia.
2001 Ph.D. Education Almusalam, Sulaiman Factors Related to the Use of Computer Technologies for  Professional Tasks by Business and Administration Teachers at Saudi Technical Colleges.
2001 M.A. History Davis, Damani Keita The Rise of Islam in Black Philadelphia : The Nation of Islam's Role in Reviving an Alternative Religious Concept Within an Urbanized Black population, 1967-1976.
2001 Ph.D. History Davis, Matthew Mark Evangelizing the Orient : American Missionaries in Iran, 1890-1940.
2001 Ph.D. History Ergene, Bogac Alaeddin Local Court, Community and Justice in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire.
2001 Ph.D. History Furnish, Timothy R Eschatology as Politics, Eschatology as Theory : Modern Sunni Arab Mahdism in Historical Perspective.
2001 M.S. Civil Engineering Kaabi, Noura Salem Improving Safety Performance in Construction Site Operations in the United Arab Emirates.


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

2000 Ph.D. Social Work Al-Garni, Mohammed M. The Impact of Family Structure and Family Function Factors on the  Deviant Behaviors of High School Students in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia.
2000 Ph.D. Journalism Hay, Kellie D. Immigrants, Citizens,and Diasporas : Enacting Identities in an Arab-American Cultural organization.
2000 Ph.D. Education Khalaf, Ali K. The Predictors of Chemistry Achievement of 12th Grade Students in Secondary Schools in the United Arab Emirates.
2000 Ph.D. History McCune, Mary Charity Work as Nation-Building : American Jewish Women and the crises in Europe and Palestine, 1914-1930.
2000 Ph.D. History Moore, Robert Scott Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean, 100-700 AD : the Ceramic Evidence.
2000 M.A. History Oeney, Ceylan American public perceptions of Turkey, 1947-1955.
2000 Ph.D. Sociology Rizzo, Helen Mary Islam, Democracy and the Status of Women : the Case of Kuwait.
2000 M.A. History Sencer, Emre Balkan Nationalism in the Ottoman Parliament, 1908-1909.
2000 M.S. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Shadchehr, Fatima Farah Golparvaran Bahar a Poet and Political Activist : a Case Study of Mohammad Taqi Bahar.
2000 M.S. Zoology Treydte, Anna Christina, In Search of the Optimal Management Strategy for Arabian Oryx  (Oryx Leucoryx) in Mahazat As-Sayd, Saudi Arabia.
2000 Ph.D. Human Nutrition and Food Management Tunsi, Ayman M Factors Associated with Customer Loyalty for International Dining  Restaurants Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
1999 Ph.D. Anthropology Abdullah, Yagoub Y. Consanguineous Marriage And Its Affect On Spousal Concordance Among The "Al-Kandari" In Kuwait.
1999 Ph.D. Education Abdur-Rashid, Daa'iyah.
Lessons From A Teaching Life: Towards A Muslim African American Perspective On Service Learning.
1999 Ph.D. Education Policy and Leadership Al-Masoud, Tareq The Video Production Process of the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait an Analysis Study.
1999 Ph.D. Art Education Al-Sadoun, Mohammed. A Contextual Analysis Of Contemporary Iraqi Art Using Six Case Studies.
1999 Ph.D. Education Alsaleh, Adel Ahmed A Attitudes of Teachers at the Institute of Public Administration in Saudi Arabia toward Teacher evaluation.
1999 Ph.D. Education Buyukyavuz, Oya. Turkish EFL Teachers' Perceptions Of Their Current English Skills And Their Pre-Service Teacher Education.
1999 Ph.D. History Citino, Nathan John Eisenhower, King Saud, and the politics of Arab Nationalism :  U.S.-Saudi relations, 1952-1960.
1999 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures/History Clement, Victoria. The Politics of Script Reform in Soviet Turkmenistan: Alphabet and National Identity Formation.
1999 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures/History Cross, Carmen Sue. A Statistical Study Of The Written Errors Committed By Native English Speakers Learning Arabic As A Foreign Language.
1999 Ph.D. Education Ewain, Saleh Abdulrahman Perceptions of Employers and Job Seekers toward Obstacles to  Saudization of the Workforce in the Saudi Private Sector.
1999 Ph.D. History Karaomerlioglu, M. Asim. The Cult Of The Peasant: Ideology And Practice, Turkey 1930-1946.
1999 Ph.D. Political Science Keshk, Omar Muhammad Galal Understanding variations in OPEC members' cooperation levels using international cooperation theories
1999 Ph.D. Education Niehoff, Patricia Leveque The Acquisition Of Arabic Language, Literature, And Culture From A Socio-Educational Perspective: Student Attitudes And Perceptions Of Arabs And The Arab World.
1999 Ph.D. Political Science Sosay, Gul External Pressures, Domestic Choices : a Comparative Analysis of Trade Liberalization in Spain and Turkey.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Agir, Ahmet. The Intellectuality Of Gunay Rodoplu: Main Character Of Alev Alatli's Quartet: By God, You Threw Me To The Wolves, Viva La Muerte, Nuke Turkey, Musti Turkey Is O.K.
1998 Ph.D. Communication Alhelwah, Khalid. The Emergence And Development Of Arabic Rhetorical Theory, 500 C.E.-1400 C.E.
1998 Ph.D. Communication Al-Najran, Talal Naser. Internet Adoption And Use By Kuwait University Students: New Medium, Same Old Gratifications.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Alsarhan, Asma A. Sayyid Qutb's Approach To Arabic Literary Criticism.
1998 M.A. History Armanios, Febe Yousry Egypt For Which Egyptians? Copts And The Egyptian Nationalist Movement, 1882-1919.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Baskal, Zekeriya Ideology, Intellectuals and the Generation of '68 in the Trilogy  of Adalet Agaoglu : Lying Down to Die, A Wedding Party and No…
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures  Bekcioglu, Bulent. The Experience Of Modernity And Turkish Poetry.
1998 M.A. History/Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Curry, John Joseph. Arabic Sources On The Island Of Cyprus From The 7th Through The 10th Centuries C.E.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Demirci, Kerim Temel: New Figure In The Academic Sphere, Stereotyped Character In Turkish Humor.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Karabulut, Ferhat. The Turkish Woman And Leyla Erbil: Political And Ideological Consciousness Of Female Protagonists In Erbil's Works.
1998 Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Onder, Sylvia Wing Women And The Dynamic Interaction Of Traditional And Clinical Medicine On The Black Sea Coast Of Turkey.
1998 Ph.D. Linguistics Saperstein, Andrew D. A Word-And-Paradigm Approach To Reduplication.
1998 M.A. Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Schreiber, Kimberly Ann The Process Of Translating Arabic Poetry Into English: Nizar Qabbani, A Case Study.
1998 Ph.D. History of Art McKibben, William Jeffrey The architecture of Firuz Shah Tughluq


Dissertations and Theses at OSU

1997 Ph.D. History Ahmed, Mustafa Abdul-Basit Impact of the Historical Settings of Ibn Taymiyah on His Program of Reform.
1997 Ph.D. College of Social Work Albaher, Muna J. A Phenomenological Study Of Normality And Deviancy : Deciphering The Drug Issues In The United Arab Emirates.
1997 Ph.D. English Durdana, Benazir. Muslim India In Anglo-Indian Fiction.
1997 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Oda, Ryoichi Nizam Al-Mulk and the Siyasat Nama : A study of Nizam Al-Mulk's Motives for Writing the Siyasat Nama.
1997 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Osman, Suzan Jadidist Texts in Context : a Critical Perspective.
1997 Ph.D. History Ozoglu, A. Hakan. Unimaginable Community: Nationalism And Kurdish Notables In The Late Ottoman Era.
1997 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Rassekh, Sam Masoud The Iranian American Diaspora : Waiting for Ferdowsi.
1997 Ph.D. History of Art Swanson, Lealan Anderson Nunn. Historical Considerations In Yemeni Vernacular Architecture: Houses From The Sulayhid Dynasty (439/1047) To The Modern Period.
1996 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Abdalla, Hebah Ahmed. Framing The Elections: An Examination Of Post-Election News Coverage Of  The 1995 Egyptian Parliamentary Elections.
1996 Ph.D. Education Abdulaziz, Monira Eid. Roles And Skills Of Female Elementary School Principals In Riyadh, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
1996 Ph.D. Art Education
Arabi, Afif J.
The History Of Lebanese Cinema 1929-1979: An Analytical Study Of The Evolution And The Development Of Lebanese Cinema.
1996 M.A. Journalism Butcher, Bonnie Lou Brancato Portrayal of Muslims in U.S. Newspapers.
1996 M.A. History Caraher, William Rodney. The Role Of Persian Women In The Diplomacy Of Alexander The Great.
1996 M.A. Women's Studies Chowdhury, Elora Halim. A Revolution Within A Revolution: The Dynamics Of The Palestinian Nationalist And Women's Movements.
1996 Ph.D. History Hall, Linda Jones Berytus, "Mother of Laws:" : Studies in The Social History of Beirut from the Third to The Sixth Centuries A.D.
1996 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Hassan, Fatme Sharafeddine Hanna Minah's trilogy of the Sea: An Analytical Study.
1996 M.A. Journalism Huang, Pao-Yu. Framing The Persian Gulf War In Taiwan's Press.
1996 M.A. History Johnston, Lisa K. Anti-Semitism In The Soviet Press: 1948-53.
1996 M.A. History/Slavic & East European Studies Shaw, Gregory J. Muslim-Croat Relations In The Independent State Of Croatia.
1996 M.A. History Stump, Ayfer Karakaya Emergence Of A Feminist/Nationalist Discourse In Pre-Republican Turkey: Case Study Of Kadin Magazine (1908-1909).
1996 Ph.D. Spanish & Portuguese Viscarri, Dionisio. Political Ideology And Orientalism: The Pre-Fascist Narrative Of The Moroccan War (1921-1923).
1996 M.A. History Whitmore, Eugene Arthur. Potentials And Limitations Of Fascism In Non-Western Societies: The Example Of The  Nationalist Action Party In Turkey.
1996 M.A. History Wilkins, Charles Louis. Ahmad Efendi Tahazade: 'Alim And Entrepreneur In Eighteenth Century Aleppo.
1995 Ph.D. EDU Policy and Leadership Al-Khazali, Taysir M. Computer technology in Jordanian schools: a proposed plan for appropriate adoption
1995 M.S. Geological Sciences Aabed, Solaiman. Field Geology, Petrology, And Geochemistry Of The Hayl Valley (The Northern Semail Ophiolite, UAE).
1995 M.A. Anthropology Abdullah, Yagoub Y. Social Functions Of The Diwaniyya In Kuwaiti Society.
1995 Ph.D. Education Al-Shahrany, Mohammed S. The Relationship Of Selected Student, Teacher, And School Variables To Biology Achievement Of Seniors In Secondary Schools In Saudi Arabia.
1995 M.A. History Coy, Jason Philip. Reviled By Word And Deed: The Treatment Of English Pilgrims In The Ottoman Empire During The Early Seventeenth Century.
1995 M.A. History Kocoglu, Ayse Saadet. Practice Of Everyday Identity Formation: The Case Of The Magazine Inci.
1995 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Shammout, Khaled Jamil Ghassan Kanafani's Short Stories: A Critical Study.
1995 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Siada, Ghada Soufi Alfred Faraj: The Making of a Playwright.
1995 Ph.D. Educational Policy & Leadership Simel, Dana Lee. Democratic Education? The State's Role In Institutionalizing Christianity As A Civil Religion In A German Christian Public School System And Its Effect On Jewish And Islamic Identity Formation.
1994 Ph.D. Art Education Aldoyhi, Mohammed Hussein Adullah. Children's Drawings In Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study Between The Drawings Of Saudi Children Who Have Lived In The United States And Saudi Children Who Have Never Resided Outside Saudi Arabia.
1994 Ph.D. Art Education Aleid, Salem E. A. The Role Of Traditional Material Culture In Contemporary Saudi Arabia: The Traditional Courtyard House As Exemplar.
1994 Ph.D. Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Bendary, Azza T. The Egyptian Economic Crisis, Household Adaptations and Political-Religious Responses A Study In Two Egyptian Villages.
1994 Ph.D. Business Administration Bowen, Janine Louise. Investigating The Relationship Between Foreign Aid And Economic Growth In Recipient Countries.
1994 Ph.D. Political Science Effendy, Bahtiar. Islam And The State: The Transformation Of Islamic Political Ideas And Practices In Indonesia.
1994 M.A. Women's Studies Faragher, Sheila Lynne. Social Construction Of Middle Class, Urban Turkish Women's Sexuality.
1994 Ph.D. Political Science Hoyt, Paul Daniel. U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Empowerment In The Middle East: A Cognitive And Group Process Approach.


Theses and Dissertations at OSUL-9

1994 Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program Hussein, Lutfi. Voicing-Dependent Vowel Duration In Standard Arabic And Its Acquisition By Adult American Students.
1994 M.A. Linguistics Jannedy, Stefanie. Prosodic And Segmental Influences On High Vowel Devoicing In Turkish.
1994 Ph.D. Geological Sciences Landoll, John David. The Role Of Crustal Interactions In The Formation Of Cogenetic Silica Oversaturated And Undersaturated Syenites : Evidence From The Alkaline Complexes Of Abu Khruq (Egypt), Mt. Shefford (Quebec).
1994 Ph.D. Anthropology Spaulding, Frank Charles The Gujars of Islamabad : a study in the social construction of local ethnic identities.
1994 Ph.D. Agricultural Education Zayed, Mohamed Salah-Elden. Work Environment Factors Related To The Transfer Of Training To Public Organizations In Egypt.
1993 Ph.D. History of Art Alhamzeh, Khaled Ahmad. Late Mamluk Patronage: Qansuh Al-Ghuri's Waqf And His Foundations In Cairo.
1993 Ph.D. Education Aweiss, Salem Issa. The Effects Of Computer-Mediated Reading Supports On The Reading Comprehension And The Reading Behavior Of Beginning American Learners Of Arabic As A Foreign Language
1993 Ph.D. Art Education Bajouda, Hamza. Analysis of three Islamic art historians' explanations of the characteristics and formation of Islamic art : implication for model development
1993 Ph.D. Political Science Hadban, Ibrahim Naji Al-. Aborted Transition : The Case Of The Failure Of The Democratization Process In Algeria, 1989-1992.
1993 M.A. Near Eastern, Judaic & Hellenic Languages and Literature Harter, Scott D. (Scott Douglas) ?Al-xud'ah and "?AL-'amaliyyah ?al-kubra:" two of Yusuf Idris's invectives on Nasserism : concealed meanings.
1993 Ph.D. Anthropology Leitman, Eva M. Ethiopian Immigrant Women: Transition To A New Israeli Identity?
1993 Ph.D. Geodetic Science & Surveying Obaida, Abdulaziz I. Design And Simulation Of A Real-Time Mapping Satellite For The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
1993 M.L.S. Graduate Program in Liberal Studies Ozoglu, Adem Hakan. Kurdish National Discourse: The PKK And The Seyh Said Revolt.
1993 M.A. History Paulson, George Peter. The Persian-Supported Vassal-Tyrants Of Ionia And The Outbreak Of The Ionian Revolt.
1993 M.L.S. Graduate Program in Liberal Studies Popp, Richard Alan. Egyptian Popular Theatre Of The 1950s And 1960s : New Theatrical Direction Or Cultural Statement.
1993 M.A. History Schultz, Frederick A. The Herodotean Harem And Statecraft In Achaemenid Persia.
1993 M.A. Political Science Williamson, Dhelia Maria Who voted for the FIS?
1992 M.S. Geodetic Science & Surveying Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed. Issues In The Design And Implementation Of A Multipurpose Land Information System (Mplis) With Particular Focus On Egypt.
1992 M.A. Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Ahmed, Mustafa Abdul-Basit. Narrative In The Quran And Its Relationship To Medieval Arabic Narrative Literature.
1992 M.A. Political Science Ansari, Aimee A. The restive republics : the rise of political participation in Central Asia.
1992 Ph.D. College Of Business Aybar, Cemil Bulent. Descriptive Analysis Of Stock Return Behavior  In An Emerging Equity Market: The Case Of Turkey.
1992 Ph.D. Business Administration Bear, Marca Marie. Middle Eastern Technocrats' Attitudes Towards U. S. Technology Transfer Controls.
1992 M.A. History Frontani, Michael Roy. Iran : A Reassessment Of The Third Power Policy Of Reza Shah.
1992 Ph.D. City & Regional Planning Ghadimi, Hodjatollah. Economic Development In Economies With An Exhaustible Resource : A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Analysis For The Case Of Iran.
1992 Ph.D. Germanic Languages & Literatures Heizer, Donna Kay. Those Other Orientals: The Muslim Orient In The Works Of Else Lasker-Schuler, Friedrich Wolf, And Franz Werfel.
1992 Ph.D. Education Qahtani, Salem Ali S. The Impact Of National/International Contemporary Events On Social Studies Curriculum In Saudi Arabian Secondary Schools.
1992 Ph.D. School Of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Sebeai, Rashed Al-.
A Strategy For Management And Preservation Of The Outdoor Recreational Resources In Saudi Arabia.
1992 Ph.D. Political Science Snare, Charles Edward. Personality And Political Postures : The Case Of The Clerical Rulers Of Iran.
1992 Ph.D. Psychology Weinbaum, Elisabeth. Domain-Specific Emotional Moderation: A Study Of Israeli Child-Rearing Condition.
1992 M.A. Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Welch, Sandra Elaine. Carpets In Context : Explorations In Moroccan Material Culture.
1992 Ph.D. School Of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Yurdadon, Ergun. Development Of Sport In Turkiye (Turkey).


1991 Ph.D. Art Education Alamoud, Yousef I. A Descriptive Study Of Verbal Statements Made By Saudi Arabian Students About Islamic And Western Art Objects.
1991 Ph.D. Labor & Human Resources Arch, Gail Thelma. Labor And Human Resource Strategies In The Transfer Of Technology From Industrialized To Developing Nations: The Case Of Turkey.
1991 M.A. History Boit, Bernard A. Fruits Of Adversity: Technical Refinements Of The Turkish Composite Bow During The Crusading Era.
1991 Ph.D. Geography Gross, Robert D. Convergence And Divergence In The Islamic Republics Of The Soviet Union And The Russian Empire, 1913-1988.
1991 Ph.D. Linguistics Gruber-Miller, Ann Marie. Internal Developments In The Loss Of Arabic Case Endings.
1991 Ph.D. History Heiss, Mary Ann. The United States, Great Britain, And Iranian Oil, 1950-1954.
1991 Ph.D. Political Science Holloway, Thomas Walter Propaganda Analysis And The Soviet Intervention In Afghanistan.
1991 M.A. History of Art Ulmer, Sean Matthew. The Maqamat Of Al-Hariri : A Critical Study Of The Typologies In Al-Wasiti's Version (Bibliotheque Nationale Ms. Arabe 5847).
1990 M.S. Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Bensouda, Mhamed. The Impact Of Policy Changes On Irrigated Agriculture In Morocco : The Case Of Tadla.
1990 M.A. Political Science Cipto, Bambang. Militant Islam In A Pluralist Society : The Politics Of Reconciliation In Sadat's Egypt.
1990 M.S. Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Ghazzaoui, Abdelmajid. Economic Effects Of An Enlarged Economic Community On Moroccan Citrus Industry.
1990 M.A. Arts Jalil, Abdul Rahim. Sculpture: Exploration With Islamic Calligraphy.
1990 Ph.D. Education Khaldieh, Salim Ahmad. The Role Of Phonological Encoding (Speech Recoding) And Visual Processes In Word Recognition Of American Learners Of Arabic As A Foreign Language.
1990 M.S. Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Mchichou, Bouazza. The Impact Of Policy Changes On Dryland Agriculture In Morocco : The Case Of Settat.
1990 M.A. Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Niehoff-Smith, Patricia L The reign of Umar Ibn Abd Al-Aziz by Abu Jafar Muhammad B. Jarir al-Tabari.
1990 Ph.D. History Roberts, Jeffery John. Afghanistan And Western Policy : 1929-1956.
1990 Ph.D. Communications Saadon, Hezab T. The Role Of Arabsat In Television Program Exchange In The Arab World.
1990 Ph.D. History of Art Schmidt, Carolyn Woodford. Bodhisattva, Headdresses And Hair Styles In The Buddhist Art Of Gandara And Related Regions Of Swat And Afghanistan.
1989 Ph.D. Education Abdulhadi, Abdulhadi Saad. Program Articulation Between Secondary Schools And Universities As Perceived By Science Teachers In Saudi Arabia.
1989 Ph.D. Education Alajaji, Abdollah I. A Survey Of Male Teachers', Supervisors', And School Administrators' Attitudes Toward Global Education In Social Studies In Secondary Public Schools In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
1989 Ph.D. Sociology Ali, Yoosuf Gh. Abbass. Political Participation In A Developing Nation : The Case Of Kuwait.
1989 Ph.D. Education Al-Shahrani, Amer A. S. An Analysis Of Variables Related To Biology Achievement At The 12th Grade Level In The Southwestern Region Of Saudi Arabia.
1989 Ph.D. Communications Beayeyz, Ibrahim A. An Analytical Study Of Television And Society In Three Arab States : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, And Bahrain.
1989 M.A. Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Bell, Gregory J. Literary Commitment And Gender In Arabic Literature : A Study Of Yusuf Idris's Al-Ayb.
1989 M.A. Judaic & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Calhoun, Catherine Claggett Rereading, rewriting and resistance : Ghassan Kanafani's A'id ila  Haifa as minor literature.
1989 Ph.D. Communications
Hasan, Jabella M.
Rhetorical Situation Analysis Of United States-Syrian Discourse : The Hostage Crisis.
1989 M.A. History Ismail, Matthew Djun. A Consideration Of Muslim Texts Concerning The Mahdi Ibn Tumart In Light Of Discourse Theory.
1989 Ph.D. Art Education Molaeb, Jamil Hammoud Artists And Art Education In Time Of War, Lebanon.
1989 Ph.D. Art Education Resayes, Mohammed. Significance Of The Development And Emergence Of Art And Crafts Museums In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
1989 M.A. Psychology Weinbaum, Elisabeth. The Relationship Between Communal Child-Reading And Emotional Moderation: Study Of Three Israeli Child-Rearing Practices.


Theses and Dissertations at OSUL-10

1988 Ph.D. Communication Abuzinada, Zamel Abbass. The Diffusion And Uses Of Video Cassette Recorders Among Adult Members Of Extended Community In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
1988 Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program Al-Dakheel, Ilham Mansour. An Exploratory Study Of Determinants Of Motivation Toward Participation In The Labor Force Among Young Females In Saudi Arabia.
1988 Ph.D. Art Education Al-Zahrani, Ali Y. S. How Policy Stakeholders Perceive The Value And Importance Of Art Education In Saudi Arabia's Schools.
1988 Ph.D. Art Education Gazerani, Ameneh A theoretical model for preserving the Jordanian traditional folk handicrafts through art education.
1988 Ph.D. ED Policy and Leadership Hayajneh, Ahmed Achievement Motives for Participating In and Dropping Out of Youth Sport Programs in the United States and Jordan, a Comparative Study
1988 Ph.D. Art Education Haddad, Ziyad Salem The Jordanian contemporary art criticism : a methodological analysis of critical practices.
1988 M.S. Mechanical Engineering Imer, Mete Muzaffer. An Assessment Of The Transfer Of Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant Technology  Between Turkey And The United States: The Case For Flue Gass Desulfurization.
1988 Ph.D. ED Policy and Leadership Khumage, Abulghasem Beshir Perceived Instrumental Value Of Libyan Students' Education In The United States And Canada.
1988 Ph.D. Comprehensive Vocational Training Lemhouer, Ayad. Education And Training In Employer Perceptions Of Morocco.
1988 Ph.D. Labor & Human Resources Mansour, Mohammed I.  The Effects Of Training On Employees' Job Performance In The United Arab Emirates Oil Sector.
1988 Ph.D. History of Art McKibben, William Jeffrey The architecture of Firuz Shah Tughlu.
1988 Ph.D. Educational Theory and Practice Sokhra, Mansur M. A Comparison Of Four Mathematical Models For Projecting Enrollment And Teaching Staff Demand At The Preparatory School Level In Libya.
1987 Ph.D. Social Work Al-Dhafiri, Abdul Wahab. Women, Labor Force Participation, And Equality : A Study Of  Educated Women In Kuwait.
1987 Ph.D. Education Alosh, Muhammad Mahdi The Perception And Acquisition Of Pharyngealized Fricatives By American Learners Of Arabic And Implications For Teaching Arabic Phonology.
1987 Ph.D. Political Science Badaro, Samer A. The Islamic Revolution Of Syria (1979-1982) : Class Relations, Sectarianism, And Socio-Political Culture In A National Progressive State.
1987 Ph.D. Sociology Mehdi, Abbas Salih. Modernization In Three Egyptian Communities.
1987 Ph.D. Communications Mohammed, Mahmoud Gamal. Mass Media And Development In The Yemen Arab Republic.
1987 Ph.D. Civil Engineering Moussa, Osama Moursy. Satellite Data Based Sediment-Yield Models For The Blue Nile And The Atbara River Watersheds.
1986 Ph.D. Communication Al-Attibi, Abdulrahman Abdullah. Interpersonal Communication Competence And Media Consumption And Needs Among Young Adults In Saudi Arabia.
1986 M.S. Civil Engineering Al-Garni, Abdullah Mohammed. Assessment Of The Coastal Processes Of The Egyptian Mediterranean Using Surveying And Remotely-Sensed Data.
1986 Ph.D. Art Education Alghamedy, Ahmed A. G. Investigation Of Conditions Affecting Art Teacher Preparation And Art Education Curriculum Implementation In Saudi Arabia.
1986 Ph.D. Education Amin, Hussein Yousry. An Egypt-Based Model For The Use Of Television In National Development.
1986 Ph.D. Romance languages Boyd-Buggs, Debra. Baraka: Maraboutism And Maraboutage In The Francophone Senegalese Novel.
1986 M.A. Sociology Naderi, Nader. Sociology, Social Change Paradigms, And The "Middle East".
1986 Ph.D. History
Roberts, Joseph Bradin.
Early Islamic Historiography: Ideology And Methodology.
1986 Ph.D. Business Administration Seif El Din, Ashraf. Program Investment Climate In Egypt As Perceived By Egyptian And American Investors.
1986 Ph.D. Anthropology Turk, Phyllis G. Building Bridges In The Negev: Two Israeli Development Towns, Dimona And Arad.
1985 M.A.  
Ali, Yoosuf Gh. Abbass.
Individual Modernity Among Kuwaiti Youths.
1985 Ph.D. Graduate School Almofadda, Omar A. Age And Sex Differences In Spontaneous Self-Concept In Saudi Arabia : Preadolescents, Adolescents And Youth Adults.
1985 Ph.D. Graduate School Alsehabany, Abdulaziz Ali. An Investigation Of Students' Attitudes Toward High School In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
1985 M.A. Sociology Mananian, Alfred. A Multi-Perspective Approach To The Iranian Revolution Of 1979.
1985 M.S.   Moussa, Osama Moursy. Analysis Of Sedimentation In Aswan Reservoir.
1985 Ph.D.   Shalabieh, Mahmoud I.  A Comparison Of Political Persuasion On Radio Cairo In The Eras Of Nasser And Sadat.
1985 Ph.D. Social Work Shelash, Mesad F.  Change In The Perception Of The Role Of Women In Kuwait.
1985 Ph.D.   Shirazi-Mahajan, Faegheh. Costumes And Textile Design Of The Il-Khanid, Timurid And Safavid Dynasties In Iran From The Thirteenth To The Seventeenth Century.
1985 Ph.D.   Siavoshi, Sussan. The Failure Of The Liberal Nationalist Movement In Iran, 1949-1979 : An Analysis Of Structural Constraints And Political Choices
1985 M.A. History Stanar, Sandra. Palestine Between Two Masters : The Leadership Of Hajj Amin Al-Husayni, 1921-1937.
1985 M.A.   Wolpert, Ilana. Around The Corner: Three Stories Of Israel.

Theses and Dissertations at OSUL - 11

1984 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Khulaifi, Ibrahim Mohammed. An Investigation Of The Viewing Behavior Toward Iftah Ya Simsim  By Kuwaiti Kindergarteners.
1984 M.A. Graduate School Bailey, Paul Douglas The governmental objectives of the Somali nomad resettlement program
1984 M.S. Graduate School Bernhard, Teresa Lynn. Educational Level Of Rural Egyptian Women : Relationships To Family Composition, Parental Educational Level, Paternal Occupation, and Decision Making.
1984 Ph.D. Graduate School Nesom, Marcella Bedford Abdur Rahman Chughtai: A Modern South Asian Artist.
1984 M.C.R.P. Graduate School Tobah, Sanaa. A Shelter Improvement Program For The City Of Old Cairo: Recommendations for Physical Upgrading, Historic Preservation And Housing Policy.
1984 Ph.D. Graduate School Youssef, Mohsen A. M. Factors Affecting Career Choice And Labor Market Success For Egyptian University Graduates.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Alam, Ibrahim A. M. Using Non-Print Instuctional Media In The Teaching Of English In Saudia Arabia : A Feasibility Study.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Harithi, Sa'id Khadher Al-Orabi. The Mass Media In Saudi Arabia : Present Concept, Functions, Barriers and Selected Strategy For Effective Use In Nation-Building And Social Awareness.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Zahrani, Khodran Hamdan. Competencies Needed By Poultry Producers In The Eastern Province Of Saudi Arabia.
1983 M.A. Graduate School Bender, Heidi Michelle. Press Coverage Of Israel And The Plo: An Analysis Of The New York Times, The  Chicago Tribune And The Columbus Dispatch.
1983 M.A. Graduate School Breuning, Marijke. Local Media Structure And Issue Salience As Determinants Of Coverage : The Case Of The Arab World As Covered By The New York Times.
1983 M.A. Graduate School Eeles, Charles David. International Student Role Confusion : Egyptian At Ohio State.
1983 M.A. Graduate School El-Natig, Alawia M. Absorption Of Islam And Christian Religions By The People Of The Nile Valley (Egypt And The Sudan) And Ethiopia Between The 3rd And 16th Centuries.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Gabir, Dafie'a Awad. Assessing Organizational Effectiveness : Two Sudanese Agribusiness Cases.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Kingseed, Cole Christian Eisenhower And Suez : A Reappraisal Of Presidential Activism And Crisis Management.
1983 M.L.H.R. Graduate School Mansour, Mohammed Ibrahim. Human Resources Strategy As A Long-Term Basis For Socio-Economic Development In The United Arab Emirates.
1983 M.A. Graduate School Massip, Nathalie Genevieve. A Study Of Algerian Migration And Development.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Nickerson, John Larkin. Intrasite Variability During The Kaftari Period At Tal-E Malyan (Anshan), Iran.
1983 Ph.D. Graduate School Shibah, Mohammed. Analysis Of The Agricultural Competencies Needed By The Farmers In Al-Hassa Oasis In Saudi Arabia.
1982 M.S. Graduate School Ahmed, Hassan Farouk. Income Distribution And Project Analysis In Less Developed Countries : An Egyptian Case Study.
1982 Ph.D. Graduate School Al Rashidi, Basheer Saleh. Perceived And Preferred Goals As A Basis For The Planning Development Of An Educational System In The State Of Kuwait.
1982 Ph.D. Graduate School Babiker, Babiker Idris. Regional Efficiency In The Organization Of Agricultural Processing Facilities : An Application To Oilseeds Industry In Sudan.
1982 Ph.D. Graduate School David, Amal Khalil. The Arab Stereotype As Portrayed In Detroit Public High Schools :Impact Of The Social Environment.
1982 Ph.D. Graduate School Elnashar, Narymane Abdulhameed. Islamic Education : A Resource Unit For Secondary Schools In Egypt.
1982 M.A. Graduate School Osheba, Ibrahim Khodair. Recent Fertility Differentials In Egypt.
1982 M.A. Graduate School Rausch, Margaret Jean. A Study Of Three Works Of The Early Nineteenth Century Egyptian Historian Al-Jabarti.
1981 Ph.D. Graduate School Alnassar, Saleh Nassar. Professional Job Knowledge And Skills Needed By Extension Personnel In The Central Region Of Saudi Arabia.
1981 Ph.D.   El-Zilitni, Abdussalam Mukhtar. Mass Media For Literacy In Libya : A Feasibility Study.
1981 M.A. Dance Jastram, Joanne H A comparison of the spiritual dance traditions of the Mevlevi order of Sufis with those of the Shakers.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Abdel-Aal, Salah Eldeen E. Establishing A Non-Print Education Media Service At The University Of Helwan : A Feasibility Study.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Ali, Ahmed Humeida Ahmed. Lender Behavior And The Recent Performance Of Rural Financial Markets In The Sudan.
1980 M.S. Graduate School Kent, Margarita Campos. Figurative Hispano-Arabic Textiles Of The Almoravid And Almohad Dynasties: Historical And Ideological Implications Of Their Design and Iconography.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Mehrdad, Hormoz. Political Orientations And The Style Of Intergroup Leadership Interactions : The Case Of Iranian Political Parties.
1980 M.A. Graduate School Michaelis, Phyllis Margaret. Hebrew Adaptation Of The Environmental Language Inventory – Phonological Component.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Moayed-Amini, Soheyl. Resource Mobilization In A Revolutionary Situation : The Case Of Shi'ah Iran.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Sawaie, Mohammed. Discourse Reference And Pronominalization In Arabic.
1980 Ph.D. Graduate School Shwaeb, Suliman Y.
Guiding Principles For Media Use In National Development.
1979 M. Arch. Graduate School Abdel-Latif, Salah A. An Industrialized Building System As A Potential Solution For The Cairo Housing Problem.
1979 Ph.D. Graduate School Daher, Nazih Youssef. Individualizing The Teaching Of Arabic : From Theory To Practice.
1979 M.A. Graduate School Fuller, Steven Douglas. The Interpretation Of Grammatical Tradition: Two Medieval Muslim Kitaba L-Lamat.
1979 M.S. Graduate School Gruff, James David. The Effects Of Producer-Price Regulation On Egyptian Agriculture, 1965-1975.
1979 Ph.D. Graduate School Hanoody, Abdul Jaleel Yonan. Factors Associated With Adoption Of Improved Agricultural Practices Among The Sugarbeet Farmers In The Province Of Nineveh, Iraq.
1979 Ph.D. Graduate School Harb, Hadia Habib. The Teaching Of Arabic Culture To Americans.
1979 Ph.D. Graduate School Karami, Ezatollah. An Appraisal Of The Extension Service In Iran As Perceived By Extension Specialists And Extension Agents.
1979 M.A. Graduate School Neubauer, Andrew John. The Persae And The Persians.
1979 Ph.D. Graduate School Yazdanpanah, Hossein. A Two-Year Rural College Plan For Iran.
1979 M.A. Graduate School
Zakaria, T. Zailan.
The Malaysian School Art Curriculum: An Islamic View.
1978 Ph.D. History Crider, Elizabeth Fortunato. Italo-Egyptian Relations In The Interwar Period, 1922-1942.
1978 Ph.D. Graduate School Nabavi, Mohammad Redeveloping The Physical Education Curriculum For The Iranian Elementary School K-5.
1978 Ph.D. Graduate School Sabihi, Masood. Perceived Professional Education Training Needs Of The Extension Specialists And Agents In Selected Provinces Of Iran.
1978 M.A. Graduate School Sid-Ahmed, Hishmat Hassan. The Political Development Of The Sudan 1880-1970.
1977 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Bahri, Muna Younis. A Descriptive And Comparative Analysis Of Verbal Interaction Patterns In The Classrooms Of Selected Iraqui Middle Schools.
1977 Ph.D.   Allouche, Edith Evelyn Kroo. The Application Of Miscue Analysis To The Oral Reading Of Vocalized And Unvocalized Hebrew Texts.
1977 Ph.D.   Moheimani, Esmat Fardin. A Comparative Study Of Language Development Of Selected Urban Children In America And In Iran.
1977 M.A. History Roberts, Joseph Bradin Images of the Shura.
1976 Ph.D. Graduate School Fawaz, Nawaf M. Procedure For Obtaining Prevalence Data And Planning A Special Educational Program For Handicapped Children In Lebanon.
1976 M.S. Graduate School Rhodes, Michael Lee. A Paleomagnetic Study Of Precambrian Rocks From The Anti-Atlas Region, Morocco.
1976 M.A. Graduate School Shwaeb, Suliman Y. The Libyan News Agency And The Flow Of International News Into Libya.
1975 M.A. Graduate School Daher, Nazih Y. Topics In The Phonology Of Lebanese Arabic.
1975 M.Arch. Graduate School Geva, Anat Mintz. Massada – Recreation And Tourist Center: A Design Proposal For A Special Environment In The Dead Sea, Israel.
1975 M.Arch. Graduate School Homayoun, Bijan. Housing In Iran: A Proposal For Neighborhood And Individual Housing Unit Design For Contemporary Middle Class Iranians.
1975 Ph.D. Graduate School Hymes, John David. The Contribution Of Dr. George Washburn To World Opinion And Relations Toward The Ottoman Empire, 1859-1903.
1975 Ph.D. Graduate School Sadrai Nadjafi, Abbas. A Study Of The Nature And The Roles Of The Forces Influencing The Process Of Change In Iran.
1975 Ph.D. Graduate School Salczer, David Otto. English Education In The Israeli School System.
1974 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Thakeb, Fahad T. The Kuwaiti Family: Today And Yesterday.
1974 Ph.D. Graduate School Dagher, Samir Phillip. The Impact Of Automation On Clerical Banking Occupations And Its Implications For The Business Education Program In The Country Of Lebanon.
1974 Ph.D. Graduate School Fitzgibbon, Edward Michael. Alexander I And The Near East: The Ottoman Empire In Russia's Foreign Relations, 1801-1807.
1974 M.A. Graduate School Klein, Lea. Aspects Of Relativization In Biblical Hebrew.
1973 Ph.D. Graduate School Braden, Jean Haythorne. The Eagle And The Crescent: American Interests In The Ottoman Empire, 1861-1870.
1973 Ph.D.   Conn, Cary Corwin, 1941 John Porter Brown, Father Of Turkish-American Relations, An Ohioan At The Sublime Porte, 1832-1872.
1973 M.A.   Ewing, Dian Seslar. Being And Becoming: A Personal Growth Journey.
1973 Ph.D. History Hoell, Margaret Stevens The Ticaret Odasi: Origins, Functions, And Activities Of The Chamber Of Commerce Of Istanbul, 1885-1899.
1973 M.A.   McCall, Charles Ray. Josephus And The Defense Of Galilee.
1972 M.A. Graduate School Anwar, Mohamed Sami. Equational Sentences In Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.
1972 M.A. Graduate School Bilous, Dennis Stephen. Martin Luther's Attitude Towards War Against The Ottoman Turks
1972 Ph.D. Graduate School Sjoberg, Marilyn Joel. Turkish Loanwords In The Language Of Aleksa Santic.
1972 Ph.D.   Smith, Russell Yates The Making Of An Egyptian Nationalist: The Political Career Of Saad Zaghlul Pasha Prior To 1919.
1972 M.A.   Zelasko, Holly Semiloff. Vowel Reduction And Loss In Modern Hebrew Fast Speech.
1971 M.A. Graduate School Dearth, Douglas Henry. Soviet Influence And Control In The Third World: The Case Of The Middle East.
1971 Ph.D. Graduate School El-Zoobi, Ahmad Mouhamad. Agricultural Extension And Rural Development In Syria, 1955-1968.
1971 Ph.D. Graduate School Haddad, William W. Arab Editorial Opinion Toward The Palestine Question.
1971 Ph.D. Graduate School Harber, Charles Combs. Reforms In Tunisia, 1855-1878.
1971 M.A. Graduate School
Harris, Tracy K.
Foreign Influences In Modern Israeli Hebrew.
1971 Ph.D.   Shobaili, Abdulrahman S. An Historical And Analytical Study Of Broadcasting And Press In Saudi Arabia.
1970 Ph.D. Graduate School Abdel-Latif, Abdel-Hamid Mohamed. The Ecological And Social Structure Of Alexandria, Egypt.
1970 Ph.D. Graduate School Akdemir, Hasan. Developing A Testing Program For Educational Development In Turkey.
1970 Ph.D. Graduate School Al-Nasser, Saleh Hamdan The Correlates Of Educational Development In Iraq, Syria And The United Arab Republic.
1970 M.A. Graduate School Cankorel, Bilge Ali. Soviet Foreign Policy In The United Arab Republic: 1967-1970.
1970 Ph.D. Graduate School Haddad, William W.
Arab Editorial Opinion Toward The Palestine Question.
1970 Ph.D.   Harber, Charles Combs Reforms in Tunisia, 1855-1878
1970 M.A.   Mason, Charles Russell. The Background Of Irano-Soviet Relations Leading To The Tudeh Party Failure During The Anglo-Iranian Oil Dispute.
1970 M.A.   Rehn, Judith Karen. The Refutative, Stylistic, And Presumptive Aspects Of Six United Nations Arab-Israeli Debates.
1969 Ph.D. Graduate school Albaum, Melvin. An Analysis Of Human Fertility Behavior In Spatial Sub-Systems Of Turkey.
1969 M.A. Graduate school Briss, Dorothy C. Iran: A Resource Unit.
1969 M.A. Graduate school Crider, Elizabeth Fortunato. The Foreign Relations Of The Ottoman Empire Under Selim I, 1512-1520.
1969 M.A. Graduate school Hymes, John David. The Activities Of Americans In Turkey Who Were Not Evangelical Missionaries During The Period Of 1913 Through 1933.
1969 Ph.D. Graduate school Kragalott, Jasna Jovanovic. The Turkish Loan Words.
1969 M.B.A. Graduate school Matzkin, Giora. The Retail Distribution System In Israel And Its Environment.
1968 M.A. Graduate School Alcott, Pouneh Moghadam Literacy Campaigns In Iran.
1968 Ph.D. Graduate School Alsamarrae, Hatam Ali. A Proposed Educational Program For Agricultural Development In Iraq.
1968 M.S. Graduate School Brackey, Mary Ann Jenkins. A Study Of Arabic Calligraphy As Textile Design As Portrayed In Italian Painting, 1300-1500.
1968 Ph.D. Graduate School Guckert, John Cecil. The Adaptation Of Robert College To Its Turkish Environment.
1967 M.A. Graduate School Eltiraifi, Neimat Ahmed.
Sudanese Jewelry And Ornaments.
1967 M.A. Graduate School Mcleod, Patrick Wilson. The American Change In Attitude Towards Turkey, 1923-1938.
1967 M.A. Graduate School Newcomb, Sandra Barbour. The Wider Implications Of The Republican Revolution In Yemen, 1962-1966.
1967 M.A. Graduate School Sawiris, Elvira Nashid.
A Study Of Trade Unionism In The United Arab Republic (UAR).
1966 M.A. Graduate School Ochsenwald, William. Nationalist-Socialist Parties Of Greater Syria, 1940-1963.
1966 Ph.D. Graduate School Stout, Robert Elliott. The Sur-I-Humayun Of Murad Iii A Study Of Ottoman Pageantry And Entertainment.


1965 M.A. Graduate School Alberts, Darlene Jean. Faisal, France, And Fantasy: The Effect Of The Allied Secret Treaties, The King-Crane Commission, And The San Remo Agreement On The Political Situation In Syria 1919-1920.
1965 M.S. Graduate School Gameh, Gameh Moustafa. The Agricultural Cooperative Movement In The United Arab Republic Egypt, History, Development, And Functions.
1965 M.A. Graduate School Leland, John Woodmansee. The British Conservative Party's Egyptian Policy.
1965 M.A. Graduate School Maki, Tali Musstafa. Educational Developments In The Teaching Of Physics And General Science In The Intermediate And Secondary Schools Of Iraq, With Some Plans For Their Improvement.
1965 M.A. Graduate School Miller, Jane Marion. Attitudes Of American Children Living In Japan, Puerto Rico And Libya, Toward The Host People.
1965 Ph.D. Graduate School Oguzkan, Abdulbaki Turhan. The University Extension Movement In The United States And Its Implications For The Middle East Technical University, Turkey.
1965 M.A. Graduate School Shepherd, George Webster. The Causes Of The Failure Of Western Diplomacy In Iran During The Anglo-Iranian Oil Crisis Of 1951-1954.
1965 Ph.D. Graduate School Sida, Youssef Mohamed Ali. Arabic Calligraphy In Contemporary Egyptian Murals.
1965 Ph.D. Graduate School Zaki, Mohamed Abdel Halim.

Economic Development In The U.A.R. (Egypt) And The Role Of The Agricultural Sector.

Theses and Dissertations at OSUL - 12

1964 M.A. Graduate School Mary, Malik Yousif. A Comparative And Contrastive Study Of The English And Arabic Verbal Systems.
1964 M.A. Graduate School Trent, Elton Roger, Israeli technical assistance to Africa
1964 M.A. Graduate School Vermillion, Connie Kay. An Examination Of Arab Peasantry.
1964 M.A.   Wahll, Andrew John. Boundary Making In The Middle East And North Africa Since 1850.
1964 M.S.   Youssef, John Daoud. The Role Of Agriculture In The Lebanese Economy.
1963 M.A. Graduate School Garcia, Marz John. The Eastern Jewish Immigrant And The Western Jewish Immigrant In The Economic Development Of Israel After 1948.
1963 M.A. Graduate School Girgis, Rene Ghali Takla.
Value Orientation Of American And Egyptian Students.
1963 M.A. Graduate School
Kibler, David Hale.
The Egyptian: An Image In The British Mind.
1963 Ph.D. Graduate School Mohamed, Sami Khalil. The United Arab Republic's Balance Of Payments, Commercial Policy, And Economic Development, 1952-1962.
1963 M.A.   Stout, Robert Elliott. A Survey Of The Court Festivities Of The Ottoman Empire.
1963 M.A.   Thalmann, Betty Cheney. A Critical Bibliography Of Arabic-Castilian Literary Relationships Through The Fifteeneth Century.
1962 M.A. Graduate School Frank, Harry Paul. A Study Of The Impact Of A Hebrew Program On Children And Their Parents.
1962 M.A. Graduate School Lee, David Raymond
The Internal Aspects Of The Political Geography Of Iraq.
1962 M.S. Graduate School Malaika, Ali Saleh. An Appraisal Of The Highway Needs Of Saudi Arabia With A View To Conducting A Need Study In The Future.
1961 M.A. Graduate School Al-Bayati, Jalal Mohammad Ali. Economic Development Of Iraq.
1961 Ph.D. Graduate School El-Behairy, Mohamed Mohamed The Suez Canal in world politics, 1945-1961
1961 M.A. Graduate School Warren, Lawrence Frye. The Reaction Of The Communist Party To French Colonialism In North Africa And Indochina.
1961 M.A. Graduate School Yaghlian, Nevart. The Social Adjustment Of The Graduate Student From The Arab Middle East.
1960 M.A. Graduate School
Razik, Taher A.
A Study Of Two Teaching Situations In Egyptian Schools With Implications For The Teaching Of Art.
1960 M.A. Graduate School Weeks, John Austin. British Administrative Problems In Regard To Immigration Into The Mandate Of Palestine.
1959 M.S. Graduate School Akrawi, Mohammed Tayib. Standards For The Needed Highways In Iraq.
1959 M.B.A. Graduate School Ali, Riyadh Tahsin. Marketing In Iraq.
1959 M.S. Graduate School Kutlu, Nurettin., Application Of Modern Aerial Triangulation Methods In Turkey For Various Purposes.
1958 M.S. Graduate School Agaoglu, Halim. An Engineering Study Of Turkey's Highways And Highway Needs
1958 M.A. Graduate School Mirheydar, Dorreh. Transportation Routes Of Iran.
1958 M.A.   Ruschaupt, Donald Charles Soviet policy toward Afghanistan, 1950-1957
1957 M.A. Graduate School Beyer, Richard Drummond. Reform And Finance In The Ottoman Empire As Reported By English Travellers, 1850-1870.
1957 Ph.D. Graduate School Ghalib, Hanna. A Suggested Plan For Improving Teacher Education In The Republic Of Lebanon.
1957 Ph.D. Graduate School Ghazala, Evans Elias. Iraq's Balance Of Payments And Economic Development, 1947-1955.
1957 M.A. Graduate School Kalka, John. The Middle East: A Resource Unit.
1957 M.A. Graduate School Moustafa, Mohamed Fouad Omar. The Role Of The Rural Community School In Egypt.
1957 Ph.D. Graduate School Shuman, Adnan Shukay. A Suggested Plan For The Syrian Agricultural Cooperatives Based Upon A Study Of Selected Agricultural Cooperatives In Ohio And In The United States Generally.
1956 M.S. Graduate School Farrohha, Sabri Micheal. The Chemical Composition And Fineness Of Some Ancient Arabic Coins.
1956 M.A. Graduate School Ghalib, Hanna. Guides For The Establishment Of Professional Laboratory Experiences For Students Of Teachers Colleges In Lebanon.
1956 Ph.D. Graduate School Jackson, Frank Burdette. Condominium Rule In The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.
1956 M.S.P.A. Graduate School
Mustafa, Husain Mohamed A.
A Comparative Study Of Recruitment For The Civil Service In The United States and Iraq.
1954 M.S. Graduate School Majzel, Avram. The Analysis Of Industrial Plant Location Factors In Israel.
1954 Ph.D. Graduate School Ozdil, Ilhan. A Causative-Diagnostic Analysis Of Turkey's Major Problems And A Communicative Approach To Their Solution (Democratic Planning And Mass Communication).
1954 Ph.D. Graduate School Peffly, Robert Luther. Crossing And Sexual Isolation Of Egyptian Forms Of Musca Domestica (Diptera, Muscidae).
1953 M.A. Graduate School Aziz, Aziz Shallal. A Proposed Program For Utilizing Radio In Education In Iraq.
1953 Ph.D. Graduate School Crewson, Harry Bernarr. Egyptian Balance Of Payments, 1920-1952.
1953 M.A. Graduate School Kupelian, Verne Levone. Arab Foreign Policy And The United Nations, 1945-1952.
1953 M.A. Graduate School Oguzkan, Abdulbaki Turban. Recent Trends And Practices In Adult Education In The Turkish Republic.
1953 Ph.D. Graduate School
Overman, Edwin Scott.
American Aid And The Economy Of Turkey.
1953 M.A. Graduate School Ramsey, Edward Lewis. The Inclusion Of Greece And Turkey In The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
1953 M.A. Graduate School Rice, George Wesley. The Tudeh Party Of Iran And The World Communist Movement.
1952 Ph.D. Graduate School Majeed, Abdul Amir. Libya: A Geopolitical Study.
1952 M.A. Graduate School Smilansky, Moshe. Introducing Family Education Into Israel As A Tool In The Acceleration Of Immigrant Absorption.
1951 M.S. Graduate School Lederer, Hans Alex. Problems Of Industrial Efficiency In Israel.
1950 M.A. Graduate School Coston, George John Henry. Great Britain And Turkey.
1950 M.A. Graduate School Deets, Robert Hathaway. French Policy Toward Algeria - A Basis For The French Union.
1950 Ph.D. Graduate School Gurpinar, Nevzat. Short Term Agricultural Cooperative Credit In The United States And Turkey.
1950 M.A. Graduate School Nouera, Fouad Abdallah. A Study Of Egyptian Folk Games And Their Adaptation For Recreational Use.
1950 Ph.D. Graduate School Nouera, Fouad Abdallah. The Relationship Between Islamic Ideology And Basic Social Work Concepts.
1949 M.A. Graduate School Allam, Mohamed Abdel-Khalik. The Organization Of A Swimming Program For The Secondary Schools In Egypt.
1949 Ph.D. Graduate School Jafar, Nouri. The Philosophy Of Boyd H. Bode With Especial Consideration Of Its Meaning For Education In Iraq.
1949 M.A. Graduate School
Lotfy, Mohamed Abo-Khalil.
Art Education And Egypt's Basic Problems.
1949 M.A. Graduate School Mikhail, Monir Kamel. A Resource Unit In Genetics (Adapted For Use In Egyptian Schools).
1949 M.A. Graduate School Patten, George Phillip. The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.


1948 M.A. Graduate School Ibrahim, Fathia Soleiman. A Study Of Egyptian Secondary Education With Special Reference To The Preparation Of Science Teachers.
1948 M.S. Graduate School Sezgin, Abdurrahman. The Agricultural Regions Of Turkey.
1947 M.A. Graduate School Baker, William Mason. The United States And The First Moroccan Crisis.
1947 M.A. Graduate School Robinson, Walter Hugh. The Influence Of Persian Design On Contemporary Ceramics.
1941 Ph.D. Graduate School El-Hashimi, Khalid Mahmood. Reconstruction Of Teacher Education In Iraq With Special Reference To Arab-Muslim Culture.
1941 M.A. Graduate School Gould, Wesley Larson. Contemporary Turkish Foreign Relations.
1941 M.A. Graduate School Murray, Hester Fern. W. Morgan Shuster In Persia, 1911-1912.
1941 Ph.D. Graduate School Robbins, Robert R. The Legal Background Of Arabia And Present Tendency Toward State Development.
1940 M.A. Graduate School Culbertson, Marjorie Lois Cecil Rhodes And The Cape To Cairo Railroad.
1940 M.A.   Heyburn, Ruth Josephine. Turkey And The League Of Nations 1923-1936.
1939 M.A. History Martin, Margaret Louise