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Theater Afghanistan – online resources and images:


Afghanistan: Street Theatre in Kandahar Promotes the Rights of Children in Armed Conflict: 2018
Afghanistan: Theater Brings Images Of Afghan Life To U.S. Audiences

Afghanistan becomes main theater of operations for US Air Force

After troop pull back all eyes on Afghanistan PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Afghanistan Theatre Troupes Bring Messages of Law and Peace to Shuras, Prisons

A two-year project involving theater organizations in Afghanistan to convey lessons on the rule of law and conflict resolution brought the arts to remote locations, safe houses for youth and even women’s prisons. It spurred one mullah to invite a troupe to perform in his mosque, and another to allow his daughter to participate.

White Star Women’s Theatre (Photo courtesy if Joanna Sherman, Bond Street Theatre)

Beyond the Mirror: Bond Street Theater

“The first collaboration between an Afghan and an American theatre company, [the play] has a quiet authority, even delicacy that is truly powerful.”

Afghanistan: Bond Street Theater

Bond Street Theatre has been working in Afghanistan since 2003.  The goal is to introduce theatre-based educational programs in Afghanistan, especially targeting women and girls who have few outlets for creative expression, and to help revitalize the performing arts after years of cultural repression.

Mobile Theatre Skits Teach Afghan Famers about Best Practices: by USAID

A farmer in Arghandab, Kandahar entertains fellow agricultural workers while teaching best practices.

New York Theater Troupe Tours Afghanistan To Entertain, Inform, And Allay Fears


An actress from the Bond Street Theatre teaches pantomime to Afghan girls.

“Shakespeare among the Suicide Bombers: The Turmoil of Theater in Modern Afghanistan” by Nushin Arbabzadah. 2019

From wandering Sadhu troops who performed epic tales of love on the narrow lanes and old bazaars of ancient towns to state sponsored morality tales, the history of Afghan theater reflects the tragedy of a people in search of answers.

Shakespeare Goes to Afghanistan  - Lee County Schools

KABUL, Afghanistan Shakespeare has come to Afghanistan. One of his famous plays has reminded a violence-filled nation that love and laughter are universal.
Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn is a German-Bolivian theater maker who uses different types of participatory, political theater such as Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater to work with communities in conflict and create possibilities for bottom-up dialogue and a search for grassroots solutions. Hjalmar has been working in Afghanistan since 2007 and is one of the co-founders of the Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization …
The Great Game: Afghanistan is a British series of short plays on the history of Afghanistan and foreign intervention there, from the First Anglo-Afghan War to the present day. Wikipedia
Khris Davis, left, as Duke and Melis Aker as Roya in “Love in Afghanistan” at Arena Stage.


Afghanistan’s Women:

New Family Movie Theater Offers Safe Space To Afghanistan’s Women

Although women are legally allowed to go to the movies, much of Afghan society considers it inappropriate with some even saying its forbidden by Islam.

Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan. Dennis Turberville

Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan is a new music-theatre adaptation being developed as a cross-cultural collaboration between Afghan and American artists and will showcase the cooperative efforts of two playwright-poets, two co-composers, and 16 international performers, many drawn from American and Afghan cultures including three musicians and 13 singer-actors. The work also features the stories of and the conversations of Afghan artists and American women in military service in the region.g

Women share war stories from time in Afghanistan in new, documentary-based stage piece: by Jim Chatham

Nina Watts, Sheradyn Luro and Brittany Escobedo (from left) rehearse a scene from “Women at War.”