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Gift from EASC

East Asian Studies at OSUL recently received a large donation from EASC's A/V collection. Here is a list of Korean and Korean Studies-related titles that were in the collection that we have added and are now available to all OSUL patrons.

*some items do not have call numbers, and are instead linked to a streaming source

Title (English) Call Number
Repatriation   PN1997.2 .S662 2004 DVD pt. 1-2  
America as a Spiritual Democracy   Link Here
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 1: The Dynamic Culture of Contemporary Korea   DS904 .K664 2006 DVD v.1 
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 2: The Clothes, Foods, and Houses of Korea   DS904 .K664 2006 DVD v.2  
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 3: The Life of Koreans   DS904 .K664 2006 DVD v.3 
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 4: The Beauty of Traditional Korean Arts    DS904 .K664 2006 DVD v.4  
Images of Korea   DS904 .I53 2005 DVD pt. 1-3  
Korea on the Move - 1 - Old Joseon. How Did People Live in the Old Joseon Period   DS902 .K674 2004 DVD  
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives - 2 - The King Gwanggaeto Stele & Tomb Murals   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.2 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 1   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.1 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 3 - Investigation! Does the Japanese Imperial Family have Baekje Blood?   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.3
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 4 - The Battle of Maeso Fortress. Bulguk Temple   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.4 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 5 - The Roads of Balhae. Gaegyong   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.5 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 6  - The Tripitaka;  The Original Gyeongbok Palace   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.6 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives - 7 -Yi Sunsin; The Korean Script Was Not Made at the Jiphyeonjeon   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.7 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives - 8 - Song Siyeol; Hwaseong   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.8 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives 9 - How Did Women Live in the Joseon Period? Top Secret Document from Russia: The Last Day of Queen Min, the Last Empress   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.9 
Korean History: Fresh Perspectives- Volume 10: Shin Chaeho. The Only Hope is History & Sinheung Military Academy, the Base of the National Indepence Movement   PN1992.8.H56 Y657 2009 DVD v.10
Dynamic Korea (2006)   DS902 .D96 2006 DVD  
Korea: Ancient Treasure, Modern Wonder   Link Here
Learning Korean for Advanced   PL913.5 .I47 2013 DVD pt. 1-2  
Learning Korean for Intermediate   PL913.5 .T87 2013 DVD pt. 1-2  
Encountering Korean Through Music   PL913.5 .U43 2013 DVD pt. 1-2  
Arirang   E184.K6 A757 2003 Videotape pt.1&2
Royal Shrine Ritual/Echo of one Thousand years   DS913.2 .C4664 2013 DVD
Korean Traditional Market Place   DS913.2 .C436 2013 DVD  
500 Year of History the Royal Tombs of Joseon   DS913.2 .C467 2013 DVD  
Dokdo    DS924.T655 T34 2013 DVD pt. 1-3  
A Novelist's Day in Seoul   DS925.S45 N68 2008 DVD  
Korea's Ancient Medicine   R627 .K67 2009 DVD  
Korean Traditional House Hanok   NA7453.6.A1 K67 2009 DVD  
Jongmyo: A Shrine for Human Beings   DS925.S443 S57 2008 DVD  
Fashion Express: Dongdaemun   HD9940.K62 F37 2009 DVD  
UNESCO Heritage in Korea   DS904 .U547 2008 
Korea Sparkling   DS904 .K676 2007 DVD  
The Red Chapel   Link Here
The Juche Idea   Link Here
A State of Mind   PN1997.2 .S738 2005 DVD  
Wet Sand: Voices from LA   Link Here
Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women   D810.C698 S55 2000 Videotape  
Korea on the Move   DS902 .K674 2004 DVD  
South Korea   DS902.4 .S68 2008 DVD  
Korean War: Stores   DS921.6 .K67 2004 DVD  
Korea: The Forgotten War   DS919 .K66 2005 DVD  
60 Minutes: The Hermit Kingdom   Link Here
North Korea: Secret Nation   Link Here
Korea: Conquering a Financial Crisis   Link Here
The Taebaek Mountains   PN1997 .T281 2006 DVD 
The Brotherhood of War   PN1995.9.W3 T34 2005 DVD pt.1-2 c.2  
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring   BQ4022 .S67 2004 DVD  
Haan   PN1997.2 H336 2008 DVD 
Festival   PN1997 .C4571 2006 DVD 
The Classic   PN1997.2 .K855 2008 DVD pt. 1-2  
Chunhyang   PN1997 .C4862 2006 DVD  
Come, Come, Come Upwards    PN1997 .A4351 2006 DVD  
Sopyonje   PN1997 .S6481 2006 DVD  
My Mother and Her Guest    PN1997.S567 S273 2007 DVD  
Deaf Samryongi   PN1997.S567 P664 2007 DVD  
Chunhyang   PN1997.S567 S664 2007 DVD  
A Romantic Papa    PN1997.S567 R6624 2007 DVD 
One Thousand Years Old Fox   PN1997.S567 C466 2007 DVD 
Bungee Jumping of Their Own   PN1997.2 .B665 2003 VCD pt.1-2  
Arahan   PN1997.2 .A734 2004 DVD pt. 1-2 
Il Mare   PN1997 .S55995 2002 VCD pt.1-2  
Jumong: Volume 1 Episodes 1-20   PN1992.77.C486 A5 2007 DVD pt. 1-3; PN1992.77.C486 A5 2007 DVD pt. 4-7
Jumong: Volume 2 Episodes 21-40   PN1992.77.C486 A52 2007 DVD pt. 1-3; PN1992.77.C486 A52 2007 DVD pt. 4-7  
Jumong: Volume 3 Episodes 41-61   PN1992.77.C486 A54 2007 DVD pt. 1-3; PN1992.77.C486 A54 2007 DVD pt. 4-7  
Jumong: Volume 4 Episodes 62-81   PN1992.77.C486 A56 2007 DVD pt. 1-3;  PN1992.77.C486 A56 2007 DVD pt. 4-7  
Dae Jang Geum   PN1992.77.T343 A5 2005 DVD
Winter Sonata   PN1992.77.K96 A5 2002
Why has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?   BQ9286.2 .W9 1996 DVD  
The Housemaid   PN1997 .H2586 2014 DVD  

Romanization Standards

Korean Romanization Standards - McCune - Reischauer system

  • McCune-Reichauer based system is quite different from the South Korean rules, you are strongly encouraged to try the tutorial below.

            McCune-Reichauer Romanization tutorial

 The libraries follow the romanization standards used in the Library of Congress.

South Korean Romaization Rules are different from those used in North American Libraries. 대한민국 국립국어원 표기법

Romanization Tool

Book & Drama Adaptations

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