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Climatology Studies

Special Topics

Hurricanes or cyclones occur in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.  Swirling around a calm "eye" the winds can reach out hundreds of miles. However,until the advent of radar and the "Hurricane Hunters" of the U.S. Air Force Reserve and NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center, coastal areas had little advanced warning.

Polar Studies covers both the North and South Poles.  Some topics of concern are Sea Ice, Polar wildlife and  the fauna, geology and climatology of the regions.

Water is basic component of our world.  Unfortunately, too much water or too little water in a region can cause an ecological disaster.  Examples of too little would be the present California drought and the 1930's Dust Bowl. New Orleans got too much water when Hurricane Katrina visited.  So did the East Coast when Hurricane Sandy arrived.

Recent E-Books

Office of the Ohio State Climatologist

The Office of the State Climatologist for Ohio (OSCO) is housed within the Department of Geography and the Atmospheric Sciences Program in Columbus at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Brian Mark is the state climatologist.