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Biography Resources

Using subject headings in the OSU Library Catalog or the OhioLINK catalog, you can search for biographical sources on mathematicians.

Subject Search in OSU Library Catalog

To find information on a specific person, you may do a search for the person by using a subject search for Last Name, First Name.

Note: When searching for names, you may get several people with the same name. Many names have a year of birth and sometimes death with their name. You may need to use this to pick the correct name.

Examples of subject searches for a name:

You can use subheadings to see biography or to look at mathematicians from a specific country. Examples:


Recommended Biographical Book Resources:



Biography Databases:



Mathematician Biography Websites:


  • Indexes of Biographies (MacTutor) - Many biographies contain pictures. Browse alphabetically, chronologically, geographically (via Birthplace Map), or see only female mathematicians.
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians - From Agnes Scott College, This site contains detailed biographies of women mathematicians, some with images. Browse alphabetically or chronologically.
  • Mathographies - A collection of short biographical sketches of famous mathematicians & people who have contributed to the study of mathematics. These biographical sketches were composed by Bellevue Community College Math faculty for use in BCC classes
  • Mathematicians of the African Diaspora - This site contains biographical information about mathematicians of African descent.
  • The Mathematics Genealogy Project! - Find out information about mathematicians, including degree information, advisors, and more.