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Resources on Eastern Europe

Introduction: This guide will covers a set of high-quality sources of information on Central Europe, Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, Baltic States, Soviet Central Asia and the Balkans in order to help you understand this complex region.

About the OSU East European and Slavic Area Studies Collecion
The East European and Slavic Studies Collection in the Thompson Library support scholars of Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Slovak studies, research on former states (Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia), as well as comparative and cross-disciplinary inquiry into the entire region of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, Baltic States, Soviet Central Asia and the Balkans.


Geography and Natural Environment:

Sources focused on climate, water resources and vegetation

Explore these print source(s) for more information


Sources focused on population (spatial) distribution, migration, and demographics

Explore these print sources for more information


Sources focused on the economic sectors, urbanization, and economic systems


Sources focused on current and changing ideology, ethnicity, language, religion, and social class


Sources focused on territorial divisions, cooperation (economic/security/military), and conflict

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