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Resources on East Asia

Introduction: This guide will cover a set of library, online and multimedia sources to introduce the South East Asia region.    

About the Ohio University Southeast Asia Collection
The Southeast Asia Collection at Ohio University is among the largest collections of research materials on Southeast Asia in North America. Ohio University Libraries acquires materials on all the countries of Southeast Asia.  However, the library holdings on Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei are particularly strong.  The Collection houses a number of special sub-collections including the Malaysian Resource Center, the Marion Alden Southeast Asia Fine Arts Collection, and the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection.
Collection Focus
  • An interdisciplinary collection with an emphasis on Southeast Asia culture, history, language, literature, politics, popular culture and religion.
  • Strengths include large holdings of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay and Thai vernacular materials.
  • Approximately 325,000 books, 300+ journal titles, 63,000 microfilm titles and 2,000 feature and documentary films.
  • Extensive newspaper holdings from the region and other specialized microfilm sets.



Sources focused on territorial divisions, cooperation (economic/security/military), and conflict


Area Studies Librarian


Jeffrey Ferrier
Ohio University


120A Alden Library
30 Park Place
Athens, OH 45701


  Indonesia has over 700 languages and dialects, this video explores the linguistic diversity of this region.


Listen and watch a video below of traditional music Gamelan music, a genre of music that originates from the southeast Asian islands of Indonesia.  

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