JAPANESE 8500 - Japanese Bibliography and Research Methods

Problems and procedures in the use of Japanese bibliographies and other reference materials, including electronic sources.

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Dates available via this link: 1871-1873; 1875 ; 1876; 1878; 1879; 1880; 1882; 1894:July-Dec.; 1895:Jan.-June; 1896:Jan.-June; 1896:July-Dec.; 1897:Jan.-June; 1897:July-Dec.; 1898:Jan.-June; 1898:July-Dec.; 1899:Jan.-June; 1899:July-Dec. ; 1900:Jan.-June ; 1900:July-Dec. ; 1903; 1905.

Dates available via this link: 1874; 1875; 1877; 1878

volumes 11-35

Japanese Diaspora

Japanese Calendrical Systems

Two number systems for years are commonly used in Japan:

  1. Gregorian Calendar - the western calendar year system commonly used in US. e.g. 2015
  2. Nengō 年号 - calendar year system based on the reigns of emperors.e.g. Heisei 27 or 平成二十七年 

Japanese Romanization Standards

Most North American academic libraries follow the Library of Congress' Japanese romanization rules. Many Japanese libraries use either Modified Hepburn or Kunreishiki romanization. Please see the following links for more information on various romanization standards. 

Library of Congress Romanization

Searching Japanese Materials in Library Catalogs (video)