JAPANESE 8500 - Japanese Bibliography and Research Methods

Problems and procedures in the use of Japanese bibliographies and other reference materials, including electronic sources.

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Photograph in Newspapers

News Communities

Japan Weekly Mail

Dates available via this link: 1871-1873; 1875 ; 1876; 1878; 1879; 1880; 1882; 1894:July-Dec.; 1895:Jan.-June; 1896:Jan.-June; 1896:July-Dec.; 1897:Jan.-June; 1897:July-Dec.; 1898:Jan.-June; 1898:July-Dec.; 1899:Jan.-June; 1899:July-Dec. ; 1900:Jan.-June ; 1900:July-Dec. ; 1903; 1905.

Dates available via this link: 1874; 1875; 1877; 1878

volumes 11-35

Japanese Diaspora

Japanese Calendrical Systems

Two number systems for years are commonly used in Japan:

  1. Gregorian Calendar - the western calendar year system commonly used in US. e.g. 2015
  2. Nengō 年号 - calendar year system based on the reigns of emperors.e.g. Heisei 27 or 平成二十七年 

Romanization Standards

The libraries follow the romanization standards used in the Library of Congress

Chinese  -  pinyin romanization system, however some older titles still has titles using the Wade-Giles romanization system.

Japanese - Modified Hepburn romanization system

Korean - McCune-Reischauer system