Applied Science Grey Literature Search Engine

A tool for researchers and educators alike to find grey literature in applied science fields for use in research or the classroom.

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This guide was originally created as a Summer 2016 Undegraduate Research Library Fellowship by John Osburn.

John Osburn


Custom Search Engines

A Guide to the Custom Search Engine

-This search engine is focused on the applied sciences, so other subjects may have less material.-


  • If you are looking for a particular grey literature medium, add a label into the search engine. For example, “nanotechnology” may result in an abundance of journal articles and research papers, but “nanotechnology tech reports” is more likely to return a specific grey literature medium.

  • If one site is dominating the search results and not producing desired material, the site can be removed by adding the following syntax to the search bar: “-site:SITE_URL_HERE”. For example, “” will remove the Arxiv site from the search results. This can be done with multiple sites at once.

  • If the search engine is not effective, the link below goes to a spreadsheet that may be used to suggest pertinent sites:

This search includes large repositories, popular government sites, and several journals amongst academic and laboratory publishings.

This search excludes most journals, large government sites, and societies. This search turns up 'more grey' grey literature.

This search engine includes several journals and sites that require accounts or subscriptions. OSU has purchased membership for this sites, and the content can be accessed by using an OSU proxy bookmarklet (see for more detail). This will redirect to an OSU off-campus sign in before accessing the material.

Suggested Labels


-lecture(s), curriculum, practice material, quiz(zes), test(s), video(s), diagram(s), etc.


-journal(s), prototype(s), database, conference proceedings, faculty publications, etc.


Official Documents:


-working papers, green papers, white papers, structural diagrams, tech reports, technical reports, etc.

Top Repositories in the World


Although the repositories stored in the custom searches are open access (with the exception of the OSU only search), users from countries outside the U.S. may not be able to access specific sites.

For restricted access material, see your local library to check if you can have access.

Although the subject focus of this LibGuide is on the Applied Sciences, other subjects are present in the selected repositories. Accurate search wording will mitigate the interference of irrelevant material. 

This search engine is for educational/research purposes.