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Web of Science and Scopus have traditionally focused on analyzing the citations found in journal articles.  Recently, both sources have begun to include books, Web of Science through a subset database called Book Citation Index and Scopus through its existing database.  Google Scholar will point to citations to books but to be thorough you should also search your book title in Google.  

Consult the source title list in Scopus (can limit to books).

More about Book Citation Index and search the list of books.

Library Holdings

WorldCat will show you how many libraries have your book in their collections.

Book Reviews 

Reviews can be found in a number of sources but none are comprehensive.  


Web of Science and Book Review Index are good sources of reviews.


Specialized disciplinary databases often index book reviews (though not always) - see the Research Databases List to find a database in your field.


Simply Googling your book title will often lead to reviews as well as checking the title in Google Scholar.

Altmetrics for Books

Increasingly, publishers are providing altmetric information about books on their websites.


You can also download the bookmarklet to find altmetrics for any book on a web page that includes a DOI (but many books do not have DOIs). Some may also offer downloads/views information though this is usually restricted to viewing by the author through a portal.

Course syllabi - doing a Google search on the title of your book (it helps to put the title in quotation marks) and including your last name in the search can return results where your book is listed in course syllabi.  However, this will not include those that are in closed learning management systems.  


The Open Syllabus Project extracts citations from open websites and voluntary deposits but it only gives the number of appearances, names of institutions, and a list of other works that appear together, but not any information about the underlying syllabi.  Syllabi frequently disappear from the web so it's a good idea to search regularly and keep copies of any with your work listed.

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