Pharmacy 2367-Drug Use in American Culture

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CSTW Writing Center

The University Writing Center staff assists students, faculty, and staff with writing and research at any stage of the writing process. Consultants can work with you on any project, assignment, or work-related writing you may be composing or revising. Sessions are offered both in-person and online. Drop-in, in-person sessions are offered in Thompson Library during the academic year. Please visit the Writing Center's website for more information. 

Getting Started

Citation are important because we want to signal where we found information that we refer to within our writing. If citations are not included, you send the incorrect message that all the information in your writing is yours alone, and your work will lack academic integrity

Citation Management Software helps automate the process of collecting, storing, organizing, and citing your work in your papers and publications.  Several software packages are commonly used at OSU.  Select the software package you're interested in for more information, or consult our Citation Manager Comparison Chart for help in choosing which one to use.

Citation Handbooks provide guides to different styles of citation. What style you use will depend on what discipline you are in; if you are unsure, ask your instructor or the Thompson Reference Staff.

If you are still having trouble after exploring this guide, check out the Choosing and Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research’s chapter on how to cite sources or Ask Us

Copyright Resources

All writing—whether undertaken by students or senior faculty—must adhere to federal guidelines outlining the nature and scope of intellectual property, copyright, and fair use. The Copyright Resources Center of the Ohio State University Libraries provides you with invaluable information about both your rights and responsibilities as a creator and user of copyrighted materials. Remember, copyright extends beyond the written page and can include musical and dramatic works; choreography; pictorial, graphic, and artistic works such as paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs and works; and videos, films, and audio or sound productions.

Copyright Guide for Students 

Choosing and Using Chapter on “Fair Use” 

Citation Management Comparison Chart

Not sure which Citation Management Software package to use?  Consult our comparison chart for a brief overview of the diffeences.

Generate a quick citation

Just need to know how to cite something quickly in-text or in your bibliography?

Try Zoterobib.  ZoteroBib is a free, online tool to let you create quick one-off bibliographies for term papers, posters, and presentations. 


Just search using the title, ISBN, URL, or other basic information, select your citation style, and get an accurate citation to copy into your bibliography.  Or keep adding items to your project for a full bibliography.