The Armenian Genocide

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Armenian Genocide

Map of massacre locations and deportation and extermination centers

German ethnographic map of Asia Minor and Caucasus in 1914. Armenians are labeled in blue.


Map of the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Each size shows a massacre. There are three types of massacre: in a control center (red dot), in a station (pink dot), in a concentration and annihilation center (black dot). The size of the dot shows the relative number of killed Armenians. Each pair of swords shows an area of Armenian resistance: greater resistance (red swords) or lesser resistance (black swords). The different size of swords is to save space into the map, it means nothing. Dots in Black Sea representing Armenians (mainly women and children) drowned into the sea. 


Some Armenian intellectuals arrested on 24 April 1915, and following weeks, then deported and killed.


Headline of New York Times, December 15, 1915

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Telegram sent by Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

Telegram sent by Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. to the State Department on 16 July 1915 describing the killings of Armenians as "a campaign of race extermination".

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Armenian Genocide - Deportations