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Senza titolo, 1952 - Bice Lazzari

Bice Lazarri, Senza titolo, 1952 Image Source: WikiArt

Citing Images

Some sites, like Artstor, will generate URL's for specific images as well for inclusion in your citations. On Artstor's site, you'll find a listing of standard formats for image citations

Research Databases for Images


Harriet Tubman Series (Panel #4), 1940 - Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence, Harriet Tubman Series (Panel #4), 1940. Image Source: WikiArt



Copyright Guidelines for Using Images

Did you know? The images and other media you find online are most likely protected by copyright, regardless of whether any copyright statement is displayed. Copyright protection applies instantly and automatically when a new work is created; no copyright notice or registration is required! 

Learn more about using images legally from this guide: Using Images: Copyright Guidelines for the Use of Images in Education