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Research Data Management - Best Practices

Introduction to Research Data Management

Research Data Policy

Ohio State’s Research Data Policy outlines the responsibilities and rights concerning access to, use of, and maintenance of data resulting from research planned and conducted by faculty, students, and staff employees of the university.

Institutional Data Policy

The OSU Institutional Data Policy outlines the guidelines for protecting the privacy and sensitivity of all institutional data. Institutional data is information created, collected, maintained, transmitted, or recorded by or for the university to conduct university business. It includes (a) data used for planning, managing, operating, controlling, or auditing university functions, operations, and mission; and (b) pursuant to the requirements as set forth in the Research Data policy, information created, collected, and maintained in the conduct or reporting of research at or under the authority of Ohio State, as applicable.

Research Regulatory Oversight Committees

The Office of Responsible Research Practices (ORRP) provides administrative support services to university researchers and the committees responsible for research review and oversight.  These committees ensure regulatory compliance for all research, and particularly regulations including:

  • IRBThe institutional review board is responsible for all research involving human subjects
  • IBCThe institutional biosafety committee reviews all research involving the use of recombinant DNA

University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) facilitates the humane care and use of animals in biomedical research and teaching at Ohio State and also provides veterinary services. ULAR staff members oversee compliance with federal regulations and guidelines related to animal use and promote the responsible use of animals for the benefit of society.

  • IACUCA policy governing animal care and use in research and teaching


HIPAA regulations protect health information.

The Office of Responsible Research Practices has a great site that gives OSU researchers in-depth information about HIPAA and how to approach these issues with campus resources. 

The Office of the Chief Information Officer also offers training that must be completed by every employee who comes into contact with HIPAA data in the course of their job. 


FERPA governs how student data data, particularly educational records, is protected.

The University Registrar has a great informational page that details how OSU handles FERPA regulated data.

If you would like to access the full policy it can be found as part of the university policies.

Export Control

Export control is a set of laws that govern data that is sensitive in terms of national security or strategic interests. 

The Office of Research has a great informational page that provide further detail on what type of data and research activities may be governed by Export Control. Ohio State University also has a specific Export Control policy that you can review to see if it is applicable to your research. 

You can also contact the Export Control office at 

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