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Data Visualization (Data Viz)

Creating Visualizations

Creating and designing a visualization typically involves a process that starts off with an original research question followed by finding, collecting, or gathering your data, cleaning and organizing your dataset so that it is in the correct format to be finally visualized. Often times this is an iterative process that may involve

question > find/collect/gather data > clean and organize data > visualize data

Tips and Tricks

What visualization type / chart / graph should I choose?

After collecting, organizing, and processing your data, you will have to figure out how to best visualize your data. Don't fret, there are many "chart choosers" out there that can help you out. The most important thing is finding what insights and observations you want to highlight in your dataset. Trying out several different kinds of visualization types (chart types) in an exploratory manner will be extremely beneficial and allow you to reflect and iterate on creating the best visualization possible to communicate your message.


Chart Suggestions - A Thought Starter
This is a commonly recommended flow chart for helping you decide what visualization type to use for your dataset. it starts off with a key question you should be asking which is "What would I like to show?". Use this a starting point for your chart decision making instead of a be-all-end-all. The original version of this flowchart comes from here.

What general data viz principles should I follow?

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