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Data Visualization (Data Viz)

Useful Resources for Exploring Visualization Types

Choosing the right visualization to use with your dataset can be a challenging task. Here are two resources to help you explore what types of visualizations are out there for you to use to best communicate the observations and insights you have made about your data.

Both of these websites essentially index different visualization types from your basic bar chart and pie chart, to line graphs and histograms, and less commonly used visualization types like sankey diagrams and tree maps.

There are many ways to make use of these two websites. Here are a few:

  1. Browse the visualization types to get a better sense of the different viz types out there, especially those you don't use or see that often.
  2. Explore the question of "What am I trying to show about my dataset?" Viz types can be organized by functions (such as comparison, distribution, correlation, geographic, etc) and knowing what each viz type is good at communicating will help you choose the most appropriate for your dataset. In both Data Viz Project and Data Viz Catalogue, you can filter viz types by function.
  3. Give examples of each kind of viz type. Data Viz Project tends to give generic examples while Data Viz Catalogue shows more realistic examples of each viz type.
  4. Link you to programs/tools used to create that particular viz type (Data Viz Catalogue only).
  5. Show how you should format your dataset in order to generate the visualization you want (Data Viz Project only).


Data Viz Project


Data Viz Catalogue

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