GEOG 4193 – Individual Studies in Geography (STEP Field Work Pre-Travel Experience)

This guide accompanies the course supporting STEP students who wish to conduct something akin to an independent “road trip” as their signature project.


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This guide will help you to find, evaluate and organize the information you need for your STEP field studies project.  Just as your project is changing as you learn more, so is this guide. Send me your suggestions and questions!

Aspects of Building your STEP Field Studies Project

Library Research Process Diagram

(The research process handout accessible version is at

You will be following a process very much like the one described in this diagram. 

Begin with exploring what you want to get out of your project and finding background information on the places you wish to go.

In the green circle you are focusing on finding reliable sources for answering the key questions and needs of your project: navigation, lodging, itinerary, and much more.  In this section you need to establish your plan for organizing your information so you can retrieve it later when you need it.

Constructing of your project includes two parts: the trip itself and reporting about it when you return. Both have important information aspects including ready access to info you need in the moment, finding and evaluating information in moments of need, organizing the information as you gather it in the field so you  can make meaning of it then and later, and putting together a final product (or more).

Elements of this guide will assist you in preparing for and carrying out each of these stages.

Travel as a Scholar


Fieldwork for Human Geography by Richard Phillips - Sheffield University, UK and Jennifer Johns - University of Liverpool, UK is the guiding Dr. Ahlqvist in the design of this course.  Record in the library catalog. Publisher information.

How to Read the American West: A Field Guide by William Wyckoff is an ebook readily available thorough the library.