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Natural Disasters



  • Google News Newspaper Archive.  (Google) Links to archived selected newspapers U.S. and foreign.  
  • Historical American Newspapers.  (Library of Congress). Access to pages from newspapers (1860-1922), and information about newspapers published 1690-present.
  • Indexes and Guides to Western European Periodicals.  (Association of College and Research Libraries) Links arranged by language, then broken down by indices, guides, and websites. 
  • List  of Television Networks by Country.  (Wikipedia) With links to lists by format type for the U.S.
  • National Digital Newspaper Program in Ohio.  (The Ohio History Connection) Searchable database of microfilmed Ohio newspaper held by the Ohio History Connection (formerly the Ohio Historical Society.) Over 415,000 digitized pages from 176 Ohio newspaper listed by title of the newspaper.  Can be organized by title, city, county, or date of coverage among other criteria.  Content also available in the Library of Congress's Chronicling America National Digital Newspaper Program.
  • Newslink.  (NewsLink) Links to nearly 20,000 free media links worldwide.
  • Ohio Newspapers.  (NewsLink) Links to Ohio newspapers broken out by various categories such as Daily, Business, Alternative, etc.
  •  ( Online Newspaper Directory.  Searchable by country, broad regions, etc. 
  • RadioStationUSA.  (RSU) Listing of radio stations by state with information on format.
  • Research Databases List:  Newspapers and Periodicals.  (The Ohio State University Libraries) Links to 131 newspaper and periodical databases.  Some of the resources are restricted to OSU affiliates, etc.
  • Statehouse News Bureau.  (The Statehouse News Bureau, RSS) Provides educational, comprehensive coverage of legislation, elections, issues and other activities surrounding the Statehouse to Ohio's public radio and television stations.
  • WorldRadioMap.  (Mikhail Shcherbak) Listing of radio stations by region and country. 




Occupations – See Employment


Opioid Epidemic

  • National Opioids Crisis:  Help and resources.  (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Information about the opioid crisis including treatment options, statistics, videos, laws, overdose prevention, etc.
  • Opioid Epidemic in Ohio – Resources and Related Articles.  (OSU Extension) Listing of resource and articles on the opioid crisis compiled by the Ohio State University Extension.  
  • Start Talking! Building a Drug-Free Future.  (State of Ohio) Gives tips and tools for parents, educators and community leaders aimed at preventing drug use among children. 
  • See also Health








Personal Safety


Pest Control





  • Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Videos.  (The Ohio State University. Knowledge Bank) A series of videos developed to explain plagiarism to students.  There are three versions varying from just over five minutes to just under nine.  Need either RealPlayer video link, or Windows video link, or Flash video link.
  • Citation Help:  Resources for Citation Style Guides and Citation Software Management. (The Ohio State University. University Libraries) 
  • Plagiarism.  (The Ohio State University. Copyright Resources Center) General overview of the topic with links to other resources on plagiarism. 
  • Plagiarism.  (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Writing Center)
  • Plagiarism:  What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It.  (Indiana University Bloomington. Writing Tutorial Services) 
  • Plagiarism Information.  (Purdue University Global. Academic Success & Writing Resource Center & Blog)
  • See also Intellectual Property – Copyrights
  • See also The Ohio State University Libraries – Copyright Services




Postal Services

  • Look up a ZIP Code. (United States Postal Service)  Look up ZIP Codes™ by street address, city, and state. Or, find all ZIP Codes™ within a city and state, etc.
  • Official USPS Abbreviations. (United States Postal Service)  Abbreviation lists organized by states, street suffixes, and secondary units.
  • Postal Code Search. (  Links to 39 countries’ “Postal Code Lookup” applications. 


Privacy Issues


Procurement, Government

  • Business With the State. (Ohio)
  • Doing Business with GSA:  Quick Guide2013.  Washington, D.C.:  GSA, Office of Small Business Utilization, 2013.  Contacting with the Federal Government – General Service Administration.  Available also in Spanish.
  • For Public Sale!:  Used Federal Government Personal Property.  Washington, D.C.:  General Services Administration, July 2010.  Information about how to go about buying Federal surplus.
  • NASPO.  (National Association of State Procurement Officials) Links to procurement agencies by state, District of Columbia, and territories.
  • SAM.GOV.  (General Services Administration -GSA) Contract opportunities, procurement notices from federal contracting offices.  Includes information on pre-solicitation notices, solicitation notices, award notices, and sole source notices.
  • Small Business Resources.  (U.S. General Services Administration) Links to resources to help small businesses contracting with the GSA. 
  • TED.  (European Union) Business opportunities, contracts, etc. by country.
  • U.S. General Services Administration.  (General Services Administration - GSA) links to how to go about selling to the Federal government, policies and regulations, etc.


Public Safety – See Emergency Management, Public Safety, and Terrorism




Radio Stations – See News



Safe Rooms/Shelters

  • See – Natural Disasters
  • See – Safety
  • See – Weather



  • Bike Safety.  (U.S. Department of Transportation.  NHTSA) Bike safety tips for parents and kids and links to other safety resources from the NHTSA.  Available also in Spanish.
  • Bulletins for Teens.  (National Center for Victims of Crime) Geared to teens.  Contains information on various topics such as assault, bullying and harassment, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, etc. 
  • Consumer Information: Privacy & Identity - Kids’ Online Safety.  (Federal Trade Commission) Listing of resources on the topic of children's assorted safety and privacy issues.
  • Directory of Crime Victim Services.  (Dept. of Justice. Office for Victims of Crime) Finding aid linking victims to specific services and programs available by location or type of victimization.
  • Fire Safety.  (U.S. Department of Labor. Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Standards and regulations for worker safety.  Available also in Spanish and selected other languages.
  • How to Deal with an Angry Drunk.  (Alcohol Rehab Help) Blog post with advice on what to do and not do when confronted with an angry drunk.  Provides links to assistance resources.
  • Human Trafficking.  (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships) Fact sheet on human trafficking.
  • Injury Prevention & Control.  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC) Cover such topics as drowning, traumatic brain injury, firearm violence, sexual assault, etc.  Available also in Spanish and selected other languages.
  • Internet Safety:  What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Child.  Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Child and Elder Protection Section.  Columbus, Ohio:  Child & Elder Protection Section, 2006.  Addresses child internet safety issues including cyberbullying and cyberstalking.  Geared towards parents.
  • Kids and Socializing Online.  (Federal Trade Commission. Consumer Advice) Geared towards parents, covers safety issues social networking sites, etc. used by teens and tweens.  Available also in Spanish.
  • KidsHealth.  (Nemours Foundation) Information a variety of health, behavior, etc. topics including fire safety, first aid, sexual harassment, bullying, and much more for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Office on Women’s Health.  (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Office on Women’s Health) Information on various topics including human trafficking, stalking, sexual assault, domestic abuse, etc.  Links to other health related topics such as eating disorders, cancer, smoking, etc.  Available also in Spanish
  • Organizational Characteristics Associated with Risk of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Army.  Miriam Matthews, Andrew R. Morral, Terry L. Schell, Matthew Cefalu, Joshua Snoke, and R. J. Briggs.  Santa Monica California:  RAND Corporation, 2021.
  • Personal Safety Tips for Women.  (Good Morning America – ABC)
  • Privacy and Technology.  ( Discusses issues that modern technology poses to a person’s privacy and safety. Includes statistics.
  • Report Tips and Scams.  (Ohio Attorney General) Links to report Elder Abuse and fraud, consumer complaints and scams, Medicaid fraud, bid rigging, law enforcement tips, etc.
  • Sexuality Studies 5620.  (The Ohio State University Libraries. Jennifer Schnabel) Guide to augment Professor Zoe Brigley Thompson’s Sexuality and Violence course.  Contains links to listing of selected titles held by OSUL on such topics as human trafficking, sex crimes, hate crimes, etc.
  • Safety Spotlight.  (The Ohio State University. Department of Public Safety) 10 part video series on campus resources and safety tips.
  • Take a Bite out of Crime®.  Violent Crime and Personal Safety.  (National Crime Prevention Council) Information on personal and home safety as well as on cyberbullying, anti-counterfeiting and gun safety.
  • Travel Advisories.  (U.S. Department of State. Bureau of Consular Affairs) Travel warnings and alerts issued by the State Department arranged chronologically.  Also searchable by country.  Has links to information on countries or areas that you might be traveling to.
  • Traveler's Checklist:  Traveler Information.  (U.S. Department of State. Bureau of Consular Affairs) Safety tips/information for travelling abroad by broad groupings such as Women, LGBTQI, these who have a disability, etc.
  • Understanding Sexual Assault on College Campuses.  (Best Provides links to reports and resources on the topic of sexual assault, tips on assault prevention, steps to take if assaulted, etc.
  • Working for a Fire-safe America.  (U.S. Fire Administration) Links to various fire related topics such as cooking fire, holiday fire safety, smoking and home fire safety, fire extinguishers, etc.  Has a section for Kids on fire topics.  Also has some statistical information on fire related topics.
  • Youth Topics.  (  Government web site  sponsored by the Department of Education, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Justice and 15 other federal agencies aimed at educators and teens with information on various topics including Dating Violence, Disaster Preparedness, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Suicide Prevention, Human Trafficking, etc.  Each section has an explanation of the overall topics, then specific information on various aspects of the topic.
  • See also Active Shooter
  • See also Bullying
  • See also Cyberstalking
  • See also Identity Theft
  • See also Natural Disasters
  • See also Phishing
  • See also Sexual Harassment
  • See also Spam
  • See also Weather


Savings Bonds (U.S.)



  • See – Crime
  • See – Privacy Issues


Scholarships -- See Financial Aid/Grants


Severe Weather Safety Tips

  • See – Natural Disasters
  • See – Safety


Sexual Harassment

  • Buckeye Act.  (The Ohio State University) OSU's comprehensive plan to combat sexual misconduct and relationship violence with links to reports and Vice President Biden's video on the topic.
  • Federal #MeToo:  Examining Sexual Harassment in Government Workplaces:  Briefing Before the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Held in Washington, DC.  Briefing Report.  Marik Xavier-Brier.  Washington, D.C.:  U.S. Commission on Civil Rights,  April 2020. Examines Equal Employee Opportunity Commission’s enforcement efforts to combat harassment.
  • Free to Learn:  Speech and Sexual Harassment on Campus:  Briefing Before the United States Commission on Civil Rights held in Washington, D.C.  Briefing Report.  Washington, D.C.:  U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, February 2020.  Examines the potential conflict between freedom of speech and sexual harassment on college campuses.
  • Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in the Active-Component Army:  Variation in Most Serious Event Characteristics by Gender and Installation Risk.  Avery Calkins, Matthew Cefalu, Terry L. Schell, Linda Cottrell, Sarah O. Meadows, and Rebecca L. Collins.  Santa Monica, California:  RAND Corporation, 2021.  Analysis of circumstances under which soldiers experience harassment and gender discrimination.
  • What is Sexual Harassment.  (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - EEOC) The EEOC definition of Sexual Harassment with examples of various conduct that it considers harassment.
  • See also Safety


Social Security Administration (SSA)


Smoking – See Health




Stock Exchanges

  • NYSE Euronext. The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) merged with the Dutch Euronext (N.V.) in 2007
  • World Stock A list of world stock exchanges, securities commissions and other regulatory agencies, as well as stock market resources 


Substance Abuse/Use Disorder – See Health



  • Franklin County Auditor's Office. Property Tax information.
  • Glossary.  (Jackson Hewitt) Definitions for tax terms and terminology that occur in tax returns.
  • Ohio Department of Taxation Contains links for e-filing, tax forms, and information on various tax topics, etc.
  • Small Business Tax Information.  ( Tax information, links to state and territorial tax offices and forms.  Some of the links do not work.  Available also in Spanish.
  • State Tax Authorities Sites Plus Finance & Insurance Contacts.  (State and Local Government on the Net) Alphabetical list of State Tax Authorities by state.
  • Taxes by State.  (Retirement Living Information Center) Quick overview of tax rates and links to each state’s Department of Taxation
  • See also Government Documents - Tax Forms


Television – See Public Radio /Television


Terrorism – See Emergency Management, Public Safety, and Terrorism




Travel and Tourism

  • Europe.  Links to local tourism sites.
  • Find a National Park.  (National Park Service) Links to National Parks in U.S.
  • Find Historic Places.   (National Park Service) Links to Historic Places throughout the U.S.
  • Historic Site Locator.  (Ohio History Connection) Searchable links to museums and historic sites throughout the state of Ohio.
  • Ohio.  (  Information on state parks in Ohio.
  • State Tourism Sites.  (State and Local Government on the Net) Alphabetical list of state departments or offices of tourism.
  • Tourism.  ( Has listing of tourist attractions by broad categories such as Art & Culture, Museums and Historic Sites, etc.
  • Travel.State.Gov.  (U.S. Department of State. Bureau of Consular Affairs) Official U.S. government travel portal include news and information about international travel, passport and visas, etc. 





Vital Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates)


Voting and Voter Registration

  • County Boards of Election Directory.  (Ohio Secretary of State) Contact Information for the various Ohio County Boards of Election.  
  • Elections & Voting.  (Ohio Secretary of State) Information on voter registration, absentee voting, signing up to be a Poll worker, etc.  (Note:  Links work in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but not in Google Chrome)
  • Franklin County Board of Elections.  (Franklin County Board of Elections) Provides voter information and education to the residents of Franklin County.
  • League of Women Voters of Ohio. Source of information on issues and candidates appearing on the ballot.
  • Register and Vote in Your State.  (United States Election Assistance Commission) Links to state boards of elections arranged in alphabetical listing.  Plus other voter related topics.  Available also in Spanish and selected other languages. 
  • State Voter Information Directory.  (U.S. Vote Foundation) Links to state voter information, most include deadlines, voter registration, and absentee ballot requests
  • Voter Registration.  (Franklin County Board of Elections) Links to forms to register to vote, etc.





  • Be Aware, Be Prepared, Take Action.  United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency.  [Washington, D.C.]:  FEMA, 2021.  Includes instructions of what to do during various weather and disasters.
  • National Climate Assessment.  (U.S. Global Change Research Program) Summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States. 
  • National Weather Service.
  • National Weather Service Safety Tips.  (National Weather Service Forecast Office. Cleveland, Ohio). Covers safety tips for Tornado, Flash Flood, etc. safety.
  • Weather Underground.  (Weather Underground) Although primarily covering the U.S. there are some maps covering other locations.  Formerly Intellicast - Global.
  • Welcome to the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness.  (Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness) Includes safety tips on weather related issues plus Carbon Monoxide, Power Outages, etc.
  • Winter Storms, the Deceptive Killers:  A Preparedness Guide.  U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross.  Silver Springs, Maryland:  National Weather Service, June 2008.  Guide for severe winter weather, including action plans, definitions of weather related terms, etc. 


West Nile Virus – See Health




Work Visas




Zika Virus – See Health


Zip Codes – See Postal Service


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