Intersection of Science and Faith

Intersection of Faith and Evolution: Defining Science and Religion (2008)

What is science? What is religion? Why does it matter so much?

On Wednesday October 22, 2008, a panel of invited speakers discussed this topic at WOSU@COSI studios at COSI Columbus. The speakers included:

  • Carol Anelli, Associate Professor of Entomology at Washington State University (now Professor and Associate Chair of Entomology at Ohio State)
  • Connie Bertka, Lecturer on Contemporary Issues in Science and Religion at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington D.C.
  • Joan Roughgarden, Professor of Biological Sciences and Geophysics at Stanford University (now Professor Emerita).

The panel was moderated by David Brancaccio, Host and Senior Editor of the PBS series NOW.

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Our Constitution's Intelligent Design

On Monday October 20, 2008, federal judge John Jones presented a lecture in Independence Hall at OSU in Columbus. Judge Jones presided over the landmark case of Kitzmiller et al v. Dover Area School Board and wrote the definitive ruling against teaching intelligent design in public schools.

Talk Radio Evolution: America's Love-Hate Relationship with Science

On Tuesday October 21, 2008, Edward Humes, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for the American Soul, spoke in Jennings Hall at OSU in Columbus.