Intersection of Science and Faith

Changing the Genome: For Better or Worse (2014)

Manipulation of the human genome has the potential to radically change what it means to be human. We can all agree that the potential for gene therapy to fix life-threatening disease is a good thing. But, what about altering our unborn children so that they have characteristics not found in their DNA? Further, a host of other issues arise, such as: who owns your genome? Who should have access to therapies that may not be covered by insurance? And, do you really want to know what is in your genome? How far down this road should we go and who should decide what is right or wrong?

On April 17, 2014, the moral, ethical, and religious implications of gene therapy were explored in a discussion of science, ethics, and religion moderated by former WOSU Open Line host Fred Anderle before a live audience at the WOSU@COSI studios at COSI Columbus.

The panel included:

Ellen Deason (Mortiz College of Law)
Donald Hubin (Department of Philosophy)
Britton Rink (College of Medicine and Nationwide Children's Hospital)

*** This program is not available for streaming ***