Budget and Appropriations

Budgets and Appropriations - International

Researching the budgets and appropriations of international entities is done in much the same way as that of the federal, state or local governments.  Current information is fairly readily available; historical data is more problematic.  Often the information is available as a total, with no specific programmatic funding level information provided.  Check official websites, local newspapers and libraries, etc.


Use the following to help locate foreign governments' or international treaty organizations' budget and/or appropriation information:

European Union. (Europa.eu)  English version of the official website of the European Union 

Government Budget – Countries - List. (Trade Economics)  Supplies information on historical and current budget issues. 

HatiTrust Digital Library. (HatiTrust)  {Restricted Use}  Digital repository of books, reports, documents, etc. including budgets.

LibWeb. (Lib-Web.org)  Links to libraries throughout the world by geographical region then library type such as public, academic, etc. 

Newspapers. (The Ohio State University. University Libraries)  List of newspaper indices. 

United Nations - Home Page. (United Nations)  Official website of the United Nations.  

The World Factbook. (Central Intelligence Agency)  Provides recent information on revenues and expenditures by country under the heading - Economy.

Further Reading

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