BA 3630: Business Industry Cluster

This guide will help you with your research for your Business Industry Cluster course.

Introduction to Company Research Video

Note: Some of the database interfaces have changed since this video was recorded. I am working to update videos, but in the meantime I would advise that all of the same data should be available and if you're having trouble navigating, please don't hesitate to email me. I am always happy to help.

Book of Lists

The Book of Lists contains lists of local companies in a variety of industries, with companies ranked according to various criteria. These lists can give you an idea of what companies are located where, and which ones might be most appealing to you.

To access the Book of Lists, click the link below and then follow these directions: 

Columbus Business First (Book of Lists)

  1. Under "Read the Current Weekly Edition," select your desired city from the drop down menu (It's not just Columbus.)
  2. Click on "Past Digital Editions" and you will see the latest Book of Lists for that city listed.

For Private Companies

For Public Companies

Company Ownership

Note: Determining a company's ownership is the first step to conducting research. If a company is public, more information will be available as the company is required to report its finances, while a private company does not have to report any financial information.  It is also helpful to know a company's place in a hierarchy (parent company, subsidiary, etc.).  A number of databases will include this information in a company profile page.