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Using Safari Books online

Using Safari Books


You may already be familiar with Safari Books Online - but we now have access via a new source.  Safari is now available on a new platform.  How do these platforms differ?

  • Unlimited use across the platform - formerly 100 users across the OhioLINK system.
  • Now contains videos and tutorials!
  • Some slight book title differences. You'll see most of the same titles and publishers from the old platform.
    • Note: We're working to get the titles uploaded into the OSU Library Catalog.
    • If you are teaching a course and want to use one of the titles in your class, check with me so I can get it cataloged to best insure off-campus access.
  • You will need to provide your email for access and can do advanced features if you set up an account. Once you set up an account, you will need to sign in each time you use the database.
  • You can now use the mobile app (Safari Queue) to view content on Android and Apple mobile devices:
    • Set up an account on the regular Safari site.
    • Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store
    • Log in with the account you created

There are some known problems with the change from Safari on ProQuest  to   O'Reilly Learning Platform for Higher Education.

  • You must use your OSU email address to access the new Safari.  You should set up a free account, even if you only plan to access Safari from a PC or a laptop.
  • You are asked to sign into your account and you have not set up an account
    • Go to the library catalog record for Safari : O'Reilly Learning Platform for Higher Education 
    • Click on the link to the database
    • Use your to get into the database
    • Then search for the title you need
    • If you will be access the new Safari from a mobile device, we recommend setting up an account.  
  • If you are accessing via Carmen, make sure that the link is current, the word proquest should not be in the link.  If it is, the link is broken and will need to be changed.  Follow the steps above to get to the new Safari platform.
  • The exact title may no longer be available.  Check for a newer version of the book.  If that is not available, notify the library or place a request to purchase the title