A+ Research Presentation Series

Intro to A+ Research

A+ Research Presentation Program

We provide engaging 60-minute presentations on the research process in the evening in Thompson Library. Other available settings include residence halls, Greek houses, and club meetings. Our A+ Research presentations are a powerful way to help student researchers because one of their own—a specially trained upper-class OSU student--is always the presenter. 

A+ Research Sessions

  • Where Do You Start? Steps to creating a successful research project; using Wikipedia to arrive at a focused topic, an interesting research question, and professional and scholarly sources; how the OSU Libraries and the OSU Writing Center can help with your project.
  • Help for Your Writing Assignments Of use to students from their freshman through senior year, the academic writing template taught here is from Graff and Birkenstein's They Say/I Say:The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. How the OSU Libraries and the OSU Writing Center can help with your project.
  • How Do You Find Sources? Tools to locate exactly what you need; also, how to consider content, coverage, and currency to evaluate those resources. How to find resources in the OSU Library catalog and how to use Advanced Search in Google.
  • Selecting the Right Sources Without Having to Read All of Everything First Critical thinking skills that help you choose among the resources you've found and decide for which purposes they're suitable in your paper or project. Will save you time on your research projects.
  • Making Citing Easy Engaging, expert help with one of the most challenging tasks beginning researchers face with their research projects. Covers both in-text citations and those at the end of your final research products. Thorough examples makes it clear how to apply the three most common citation styles. Also shows you how to get help later when you need it.

Student Presenter

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Cheryl Lowry