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Government websites developed for students in grades K-12, parents, and teachers, covering topics in science, health, civics, finance, etc. Inclusion of a site below does not mean that OSU Libraries or The Ohio State University endorse the sites or the information they contain.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government. (Government Publishing Office) Information on the Federal Government including how laws are made, historical documents, the election process, etc. for ages 4 on, includes games.

Discover History. (National Parks Service) Primarily aimed at grades 6-12 has a few resources for Pre-K -2, and College. Materials cover social studies and science mostly.  Includes games, teacher resources, educational materials available for loan, distance learning, etc.

EDSITEment! (National Endowment for the Humanities)  Geared towards K-12, and teachers. Some of the topics covered include art and culture, foreign language, history and social studies, literature and language arts. Lesson plans and interactive activities are available.

Educational Resources. (USGS) Resources available for grades K-College.  Has videos, online lectures, lesson plans and classroom activities on topics in biology, geography, geology, water, and more.  Some of the materials referenced are available for purchase.

Education Resources from the Library of Congress. (Library of Congress) Primary source materials in the fields of literature, history and science for grades 3-12.  Lesson plans. (  The U.S. government's official web portal for Kids.  Geared towards K-8, parents and teachers.  Some of the topics covered are health, history, online safety, science, math, civics. Includes activities, worksheets, games and videos. (Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission) Financial literacy thru games, videos, video games, lesson plans, etc.  Explore topics on personal finance, money, advertising, budgeting, etc.  Geared primarily to high school students, has some activities, etc. for lower grades.

NASA. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) NASA's resources for Teachers and kids.  K-College.

Smithsonian Kids. (Smithsonian Institute) Based on the Smithsonian's collections but geared towards kids.  Some of the topics covered include, dinosaurs, weather, biology, history, astronomy, and so on.  Contains games and videos, and teacher resources.

Teachers. (National Archives)  Primary source materials held by the National Archives, includes links to e-books, YouTube  and iTune segments, video and audio records, interactive maps, and more. Grades 6-12.

USDA for Kids. (United States Department of Agriculture) Information and resources related to agriculture including such topics as nutrition, food safety, weather, botany and zoology, conservation and the environment though games, interactive activities, YouTube presentations, etc. Resources geared at grades 6-12, although there is some material for Pre-K- 3, and College and beyond.