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ARTEDUC 6998: Online MA in Art Education


University Libraries owns many ebooks and also subscribes to a number of ebook packages. If you are an online student who can't make it to campus regularly, there are still book resources for you! Additionally, you can always request books through OhioLink or SearchOhio to pick up at your local public library, if you prefer print. 

You can find ebooks the same way you find physical copies of books - searching the library's catalog. If you have any questions about finding and using ebooks, please email the Art & Design Librarian.

Library of Congress Classification for Art

The Library of Congress call number system designates that the letter 'N' represent the subject 'art', hence most of the books at the Fine Arts Library have call numbers beginning with N. But we have many other subjects in our stacks, such as AMs for museum studies, Cs for archeology, Gs for fashion, Ps for literature/film, TRs for photography, Zs for book studies, and more! The L section is designated for education, so there is quite a bit of overlap in the field of Art Education in the L and N sections.

AM: Museum Studies

L: Education

N: Visual Arts

NA Architecture

NB Sculpture

NC: Drawing, Design, Illustration

ND: Painting

NE Printmaking

NK: Decorative arts

NX: Arts in general, Mixed Media, Performance Art

PN: Art and Literature/Film

TR: Photography

Z: Books (General), Writing, Paleography, Book Industries and Trade, Libraries, Bibliography (This section also contains typography and history of the book).

Search Catalogs


What is this searching? The OSU Library Catalog searches for print, electronic and other formats in the OSU Libraries collections. More Search Options >>


What is this searching? The OhioLINK catalog allows searching and requesting of scholarly materials located in the 90+ college and university member libraries around Ohio, plus the State Library of Ohio. More Search Options >>


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How to Search the Library Catalog

Search Strategies

Searching for books in library catalogs and databases can feel a little different than using Google or another general search engine. Usually, if you are searching for something that has multiple parts or concepts, it is a good idea to break those into keywords using the advanced search function. To get to the advanced search, click on "Books and More" on the library's homepage, then "More Options" under the search bar, then "Use advanced search" under the NEXT search bar.

For instance, a search for books on social justice, diversity, and the arts may look something like this:

  • "art education" AND multicultural
  • "art education" AND STEAM
  • "art education" AND "social justice"

Note that when using keyword phrases, it's a good idea to put parentheses around your search terms. This will help the search function to understand that you are looking for an entire phrase, rather than separating the terms into two different concepts.

You'll notice once you find a book that looks good to you in the catalog, that the record includes subject headings that look a little different than the keywords you used to conduct your search, but related to them. Most of the time, you can click on those headings and see if there are more books at OSU Libraries with the same subject attached. Some related to Arts Education may look like this: 

  • Arts -- Study and teaching -- United States

If you click on one, it will show you how many items in the library system also have that subject heading, as well as similar, but slightly different, other subject headings. This can be a really good way to gather relevant resources during the research stage of your paper.