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Sharing Library Resources

See below for a few examples.  View the following guide for more details:

Linking to Library Licensed Resources

OSU Libraries E-Books & Streaming Media: Whole Items

In the OSU Library Catalog, look for the permannet link at the top righthand side of the record for a specific item.  For whole items, it is best NOT to link directly to an item. This will look something like this:



OSU Libraries: E-books, Streaming Vidoes, Journal Articles, etc. - Partial Items

This will vary widely from tool to tool.  In general, in most toos look for an item that indicates something along the lines of a permanent link. Only if this does not exist should you use the URL of the page - this is not a permanent URL for some tools - this is especially true for full-text databases and streaming media, as opposed to publisher sites.

Important - before adding to Carmen, make sure the link is set up to work with off-campus access.  The simplest way to do this is to put this in directly front of the URL, without a space::


Some tools will automatically put this in their permanent link (sometimes you'll see proxy a few spots into the URL). Do not repeat the above in such cases.


Avoid loading PDFs directly into Carmen. This can be an issue for copyright and usage data.


Special case: Some streaming media will give you embed code you can use within Carmen. Feel free to make use of this embed code.




EBSCO Databases - all EBSCO databases with full text will have a permalinnk on the right side of the screen when viewing an item:


Many of our video platforms allow for you to create segments and get links for those - this may require setting up an account.  Example from Films on Demand:





Need more help?

Your Subject Librarian  is available to addist you if you are having trouble.