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Usage Rights & You

How can an item you found be used in your course? There's no single answer to this question - it will vary item by item. In general, here are some best practices:


  • Unless it is your own content, it is always best to link out to resources. If an item is fully copyrighted (like most OSU Libraries resources), then you should always  link out to a resources.  For Libraries resources, this also helps to make sure we get proper usage data. See the  Sharing in Carmen tab on the left for details about this.
  • Some resources may have a Creative Commons license that spells out specifically what usage rights you have. 
  • Some items may seem ambiguous. When in doubt, assume full copyright.
  • See the Copyright Services site for further information on using materials in your courses.



If you create your own content:

  • Be sure to know the usage rights of items you with to incorporate (such as images).
  • If you wish to share, consider using Creative Commons to specify which usage options you will allow.


When in doubt: contact Copyright Services.