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These resources are temporarily available as a response to the pandemic COVID19 virus. 

If you are looking for publisher content that's been made free or has loosened restrictions on access in light of the pandemic, we recommend starting with the curated list Vendor Love in the Time of COVID-19 below. 

It contains offers from: Book Platforms/Publishers, Journal Platforms/Publishers, Music Platforms/Publisher, Video Platforms/Publishers, Teaching Platforms, Education & Distance Learning Platforms, COVID-19 Research/News, and Other Lists/Indexes.

Temporarily free options - varies


  • The following links go to publishers' pages about options for users during the COVID-19 situation. Many of these resources are already available to OSU users. You are encouraged to work with your Subject Librarian to make sure you are working with the most options possible. This information is changing frequently.
  • Major textbook publishers (Cengage, Macmillan, Pearson, etc.): OSU is working with some textbook publishers already.  See Keep Teaching to see what's going on with the many issues related to teaching
  • Select publishers are making their 1 and 3 seat ebooks available via ProQuest and EBSCO available as unlimited ebooks.  Given this list is changing regularly, check with your  Subject Librarian to determine if an ebook you are interested in is available via OSU Libraries fits into this category.
  • Some publishers are focused on COVID-19 resources, but others are opening up more broadly.

Large collections:


Detailed information from publishers/vendors' options during COVID-19:





Affordable Learning Exchange

If you are currently using any course content published by Norton, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Wiley or Cengage, these publishers have agreed to provide a digital copy of that content to your students at no cost through the duration of Spring 2020 semester.

This includes textbooks that are not currently provided in an electronic format (i.e., you do not need to be currently using the publisher's courseware or CarmenBooks). All of your current students will be given access, regardless of their textbook purchase history for your course. In order to begin the process of making your course content available digitally, please provide us with the following information.

A member of the ALX team will follow up as soon as possible with next steps. If you use more than one book in your course, please complete a form for each.

Note: We are currently communicating with additional publishers. If your book is not published by those mentioned above, please complete this form and we will follow up with your publisher to determine access options.