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Polish Political Emigration

Resources for "Polish political emigration". Poles are one of the biggest immigration minority. Political emigration is one of least known fact in Polish American society.

Polish Political Emigration to United States of America

This guide is about "political emigration" of Poles to USA. According to Wikipedia, the history of Polish people in the United States dates to the American Colonial times. Poles have lived in the United States for over 400 years—since 1608. There are 10 million Americans of Polish descent in the USA today, making it the largest "diaspora" of Poles in the world. Polish Americans have always been the largest group of Eastern European descent in the United States.


Polish Political Emigration to USA

Alexander Bielaski, Civil War colonel

Alexander Bielaski, Civil War colonel

Jan Tyssowski

Joseph Karge, Civil War general

Brigadier General Albin F. Schoepf