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Other Profiles


While ORCID and Google Scholar profiles can be considered "must-haves," there are other profile systems available and in use by many scholars.  If your colleagues seem to favor one platform in particular, it is a good idea for you to be there as well.  However, don't set up profiles that you will not keep up-to-date.  If necessary, commit to keeping one or two up and link to them from any others.


People will look for you on the Internet.  Make sure you know what they will find.


Some other platforms that you might use:


Humanities Commons

Humanities Commons - a sharing and collaboration network for people working in and around the humanities. 


ResearchGate - a professional network for scientists and researchers.  It allows you to set up a profile listing your research publications, interests, expertise, and current projects, follow other researchers of interest, and ask research-related questions of other users.

See "Is ResearchGage Facebook for Science?", Science, August 15, 2014 - a researcher profile site that allows you to connect with other researchers and share your publications through uploads, not just linking.  In fact, the signup process attempts to get you to upload copies as soon as possible. has been subject to a lot of criticism (see "Scholars Criticize Proposal to Charge Authors for Recommendations" and "Should You Share your Research on") but is popular.

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