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We have CDs, videos, streaming media, vinyl, articles, scores, books. Trouble finding something? Visit the Music & Dance service desk on the second floor of the 18th Avenue Library and ask us! We're happy to help you.

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Music Periodical Indexes

Music Index - Articles on popular and classical music in more than 800 music periodicals of many countries, c. 1970 to the present.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text. A comprehensive music bibliography, early 20th-century to the present.

Music Periodicals Database - Indexing and abstracts for several hundred music periodicals from 20 countries, plus full text for more than 140 of the indexed journals.

RIPM – With Full Text - An international annotated database indexing c.270 music periodicals, including articles, reviews, illustrations, music examples, and advertisements.
Rock's Backpages - Interviews, feature articles, reviews on pop music of many genres, 1950s to the present. 


Multidisciplinary Periodical Indexes

JSTOR - Full-text articles on the arts and humanities, including important music and dance journals.


Web of Science Citation Index. Covers several major music and dance journals. Offers cited reference searching, allowing researchers to locate articles that cite a work or works by a particular author.

Dance Periodical Indexes
Performing Arts Periodicals Database.  Indexes several dozen dance periodicals from the 1970s to the present and also offers indexes and abstracts of periodicals dating back to 1864. The full texts of recent issues of some dance journals are searchable through this database. 
International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance. Includes full text for more than 100 journals, and citations, often with abstracts. Indexes journal articles, books, and dissertations on all aspects of theater and performance.
New York Public Library Catalog. Includes dance periodical indexing from the late 19th century to 2001. (Do a keyword search, and then choose BOOK/TEXT in the left column.)

Library catalogs typically list books, recordings, scores, journal titles, microforms, electronic resources — everything but articles. To find articles, search printed indexes and online article databases. Scroll down for tips on searching.

Tips on Searching Catalogs

You can search by KEYWORDS, but you may get more satisfactory results by AUTHOR, SUBJECT, or TITLE searching:

  • By dancer or company or choreographer (AUTHOR search). Examples: Baryshnikov, Mikhail or Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater or Tharp, Twyla
  • By "unique" title (TITLE or KEYWORD search). Examples: West Side Story or Billy the Kid (not generic titles like Symphony no. 1 or Concerto in D)
  • By dance type/form (SUBJECT search). Examples: ballets or tangos 
  • By instrumentation (SUBJECT or KEYWORD search), Example: flute and guitar music
  • By performers (AUTHOR search). Examples: Cleveland Orchestra or Nureyev, Rudolf

You can narrow the results of your search to sound recordings, videos, or books, etc., by first performing an AUTHOR, TITLE, SUBJECT, or KEYWORD search, and then choosing the LIMIT /SORT or MODIFY SEARCH option and selecting MATERIAL TYPE, then MUSIC RECORD (for recordings) or SERIAL/JOURNAL (for magazines) or BOOK, and then clicking FIND or SUBMIT.


  • Met Opera on Demand. More than 550 full-length Met performances, in addition to telecasts from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and hundreds of historic radio broadcasts back to 1935.

  • Dance in Video. Two volumes. Contains dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance.

  • A collection of c.1600 classical music videos: concerts, operas, ballets, archives, documentaries, artist profiles, educational programs.

  • Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall. Hundreds of Berlin Philharmonic concerts, as well as interviews and documentaries. Live video stream of c. 40 Berlin Philharmonic concerts each year.

  • Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam. Concerts by one of the world's premiere ensembles.

  • Jacob's Pillow Dance. Jacob's Pillow is a dance center and school in Becket, Massachusetts. It is the oldest internationally acclaimed summer dance festival in the United States.

  • Films on Demand. More than 20,000 titles and roughly half a million video segments.

  • Kanopy. More than 26,000 documentaries, training films, and theatrical releases across diverse subjects and disciplines, including music and dance. Titles from the DEFA Film Library, ArtMattan Films, HBO, Frameline, Ruscico, Pragda, the BBC, Flicker Alley, National Film Board of Canada, First Run Features, Cinema Libre Studio, New Day Films, and the Criterion Collection/Janus Films.

  • On the Boards. On the Boards theater is located in Seattle, Washington. Founded by artists in 1978, On the Boards introduces audiences to artistic innovators who are defining the future of dance, theater, and music on stage in Seattle and on the global screen.

  • Classical Music in Video. More than 1,500 performances by leading orchestras, chamber music and vocal ensembles, and solo artists, together with masterclasses and interviews.

  • Opera in Video. More than 500 hours of opera performances, including staged productions, interviews, and documentaries.

  • Ethnographic Video Online. Three volumes. A comprehensive online resource for the study of human culture, behavior and society around the world. The collections contain over 1,300 hours of streaming video, including ethnographic films, documentaries, select feature films, and previously unpublished fieldwork.

For music/dance students:

Search by name of PROFESSOR or TA


For music/dance faculty:

To place items on reserve for your course, phone or email Jarod Ogier, at 292-8498 or Please allow two days' processing time, particularly at the start of a term.

Please note that we have a large collection of miniature (study) scores in multiple copies. We have six to eight copies of most items, and at least three of each, and sometimes as many as twenty, depending on the work. They circulate to individual members of a class as well as to teachers.

Microform materials are available whenever the Music & Dance Library service desk is open.

J.S. Bach :  works in manuscript (Musikhandschriften der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz) – ML134.B2 S73 1997 Microfiche fiche1-1913

Reproductions of manuscripts and copies of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, his sons, and other members of the Bach family, held by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Each part is accompanied by a user guide. Suppl. 1: material currently held in the Biblioteka Jagiellonska, Kraków. Suppl. 2: material returned from Kiev, now on deposit with the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz.

Microfiche A 1-258; B 1-1347 - Suppl. 1. Bestände der ehemaligen Preussischen Staatsbibliothek. Depositum Universitätsbibliothek Krakau. Microfiche A S1-9; B S1-5 - Suppl. 2. Die Bach-Sammlung aus dem Archiv der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. Depositum Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Microfiche S2 1-294

Deutsches Musikgeschichtliches Archiv – ML120.G3 K3

550 microfilm reels containing approximately 3,500 titles, chiefly documents in Renaissance and early Baroque music found in German libraries. A guide to the contents, Katalog der Filmsammlung, is available. 

History of Music : Reproductions of early printed music and books on music in the Houghton Library and the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard University [microfilm] – ML136 .C3 H33 1985 microfilm

107 microfilm reels, together with a printed guide: History of music: a guide to the microfilm edition : based on Music in Harvard libr aries, a catalogue of early printed music and books on music in the Houghton Library and the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, by David A. Wood. ML136 .C3 H33 1985 Guide

Italian music manuscripts in the British Library – M2 .I826 microfilm

283 microfilm reels.  The British Library's large collection of manuscripts of Italian music of the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries has been divided into four sections corresponding to significant periods. Composers have been placed in the section to which significant examples of their work belong.

  • Section A, c.1640–c.1720: Cesti, Carissimi, Reggio, Benevoli, Colonna, Melani, L. Rossi, Giovanni Bononcini, G.B. Bononcini, Steffani, Caldara, Pollaroli, Perti, others.
  • Section B, c.1720–c.1740: Durante, Alessandro Scarlatti, Leo, Porpora, Vinci, Marcello, Hasse (here regarded as Italian), Pergolesi, Geminiani, Feo, others.
  • Section C, c.1740–c.1770: Auletta, Cafaro, Pietro Guglielmi, Latilla, Jommelli, Bertoni, Tartini, Contumacci, Fenoglio, Galuppi, Perez, J.C. Bach, others.
  • Section D, c.1770–c.1820: Cimarosa, Zingarelli, Trento, Bianchi, Viotti, Anfossi, Paisiello, Mayr, Piccinni, Rossini, Salieri, Giardini, and, notable among composers of music other than opera, Dragonetti. Click here for details.

Mozart: works in manuscript (Musikhandschriften aus der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz und aus der Jagiellonischen Bibliothek in Krakau. Teil IV. Die Mozart-Sammlung) – ML136.B5 S7374 2005 Microfiche fiche1-1163 

Reproductions of holographs and manuscript copies of works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, held by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Each part is accompanied by a user guide containing indexes by microfiche number, manuscript number, and opus number. Parts 1, 2, 3/1, and 3/2 are early manuscript copies of Mozart's works. Parts 4 and 5 are works in Mozart's handwriting.

Music manuscripts from the great English collections – M2 .M635 microfilm

994 microfilm reels. Chiefly consists of unpublished music manuscripts from c. 1500 to c. 1900. A guide and description are available for each series. Click here for details.

  • Series I (113 reels):  Music collection of the Bodleian Library, Oxford 
  • Series II (87 reels):  Music collection of St. Michael's College, Tenbury
  • Series III (60 reels):  Music collection of Christ Church, Oxford 
  • Series IV (291 reels):  Music manuscript collection of the British Library, London
  • Series V (159 reels):  Music collection of the Royal College of Music, London 
  • Series VI (142 reels): Music collections of the Cambridge Libraries 
  • Series VII (66 reels): Music collection of the Royal Academy of Music, London 
  • Series VIII (53 reels): Gerald Coke Handel collection 
  • Series IX (23 reels): Music manuscripts from chapel and cathedral libraries

Tutors and méthodes from the Fétis Collection at the Bibliothèque royale Albert Ier, Brussels [microform] – ML128.I64 T87 1989 Microfilm 

A set of c. 200 music tutors (books of instruction) from the collection of François Joseph Fétis, the distinguished 19th-century musician and scholar. The books range from a 1523 lute tutor to instructions on playing the banjo, the viol, various keyboard, wind, and percussion instruments, and the guitar. A printed guide, with index, is available on our Reference shelves: ML128.I64 T87 Guide. 

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