ENG 4575--Literature and Culture of London (Study Abroad)

Space and Place in Victorian Crime and Detective Fiction

Course Texts


Welcome to the online research guide for ENG 4575 Literature and Culture of London: Space and Place in Victorian Crime and Detective Fiction. This guide will help you navigate library, internet, and archival resources related to the readings, assignments, and excursions and will serve as a supplement to your Carmen course page. 

Pre-Semester Reading/Viewing

To distribute the amount of reading you will do before our first week of class sessions, read and take notes on the following short stories, novel, and background texts ahead of the course start date. In reading/viewing and taking notes on the stories, novel and TV episodes, attend to and reflect on how space and place function as integral to (and even as a character in) the narrative, how they function as far more than mere setting.  

Please view/listen and take notes on the use of space and place in the following television series episodes and podcast before the semester begins to ensure optimal streaming conditions. All three tv episodes wll be available as streaming video in your Carmen course page; if you want to get started, you can find them through popular streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix or by ordering DVDs through the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Cluedo and Cadavers: British Detective Fiction lecture by Peter Kemp as part of  Crime Fiction Day at St John's College, University of Oxford (2012) 

Lewis, Series 2, Episode 5, "And The Moonbeams Kiss the Sea"

Endeavour,  Series 2, Episode 7, "Nocturne"

Whitechapel, Season 1, Episode 1

Sherlock, Series 2, Episode 3, "The Reichenbach Fall"