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CLAS Book Box K-12 Guide

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We strive to make this LibGuide as helpful as possible and we continue to update it on an ongoing basis. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear them! 

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Guide Overview

Welcome to the CLAS 2020 Book Box K-12 guide!

On this page, you will find any curricular material form the workshop.

On the left, you will find tabs for each book discussed in the workshop. Each book tab will contain the following:

Author Information: 

  • Author and/or illustrator’s biography, background.  
  • More books by the same author or illustrator 

Book Overview:​ 

  • Book summary, prevalent themes​ 

  • Suggested age or reading level​ 

  • Read-aloud video (when available) ​ 

Notable quote  

  • Notable quote from author or book​ 

Cultural Exploration: ​ 

  • Resources expanding on the story’s cultural references including Spanish vocabulary, cultural traditions, recipes, and more. 

Lesson Plan Resources: ​ 

  • Available lesson plans from other K-12 teachers​ 

Learn more about Latinx/Latin American History: 

  • Additional information on Latinx/Latin American history and culture (i.e online resources, oral histories, art, encyclopedic entries, etc.) 

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