ENGL 4552--American Poetry through 1915

Special Topics in American Poetry through 1915--Professor Elizabeth Renker


Welcome to the English 4552 research guide! These pages will help you find primary and secondary source material through the Libraries’ web site and beyond. On the homepage, you will find links to background or reference sources that will help you explore a general topic or concept such as "Reconstruction" or "the Civil Rights Act of 1866." The tabs on the left link to pages are dedicated to finding newspapers, articles, books, special collections materials, and digital projects. I am available to answer questions throughout the semester about navigating these resources and integrating them into your assignments.

I encourage you to send links to additional resources as you find them and we can expand this guide together.

I look forward to working with you and Professor Renker throughout the semester as your embedded librarian!

Jennifer Schnabel, Assistant Professor and English Librarian


Background Sources

Background or reference sources can help you acquire a better understanding of a topic before you begin a research project. They can also provide ideas for keywords to use in your searches and citations you may want to explore further.