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Article Express

Request electronic delivery of journal articles not already available online.

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

Request books and other materials not available at OSU or OhioLINK through our ILLiad request system.

Known Article Searching

Do you know the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

DOI Search

Do you have other information about the article (its title, journal, etc.)?

Off-campus Sign-in

If the bookmarklet doesn't work for you, there are several other ways to access licensed resources from off-campus by authenticating with your name.# and password:

  • Use the off-campus sign in through the library website for the most reliable way to access licensed resources from off-campus. Or, you can use the off-campus sign in directly in the OSU library catalog. You should only need to sign in once per session.

  • The Zotero browser plugin will autoproxy, providing you authenticated access to subscription materials. Information on installing and setting up Zotero can be found here.  

  • Many publishers/vendors permit access directly from their website with OSU authentication. If the library subscribes to a resource and if the publisher/vendor provides direct access, you can use proxy authentication to access the resource. Place this string at the beginning of the vendor’s URL:  http://proxy.lib.ohio-state.edu/login?url=http://[enter vendor’s URL here]. Example: http://proxy.lib.ohio-state.edu/login?url=http://www.scopus.com/home.url.

Please note that VPN authentication will not provide authentication for most library resources. 

Find Books

Books and more in the OSU Libraries catalog

Select the search type from the dropdown menu and enter your search words.

Ebooks in the OSU Libraries catalog

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More ebooks:
Google Book Search
Books and other materials held statewide in OhioLINK libraries:


Use WorldCat@OSU to find books and other resources from OSU and elsewhere.


Find Articles

Recommended Research Databases:

More Research Databases:

Find Government Documents

OhioLINK logoSearch OhioLINK for online or print materials from federal, state or local governments:


Find government publications in Google by including (site:.gov OR site:.us) in your search.
Google Web Search

Google Scholar returns results from journals as well as government reports and industry white pages.
Google Scholar Search

Customize Google Scholar to connect with OSU's holdings.

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