Food Waste and Composting

This guide includes resources utilized for the Food Waste and Composting display at the FAES Library. It includes e-books, links to videos, physical books, government resources, and other media.

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Let's Talk About Food Waste!

The term "food waste" refers to uneaten food within our food system that is ultimately disposed of even if still fit for consumption. Roughly 30-40% of our food supply ends as waste. This waste can occur at any point in the system, such as during production/growing season, harvesting/processing, distribution, retail and food service sales, and consumption. While it can vary by nation, the majority of food waste in the United States occurs at the consumer level. Here, the average household of 4 wastes around $1,500 per year in uneaten food!

Cutting Down on Food Waste at Home

There are many ways we consumers can help fight food waste! Some ways that you can help include: 

  • Plan your meals and shopping list to prevent impulse purchases 
  • Build your meals from food you already have 
  • Purchase imperfect produce! 
  • Properly store fruits and veggies to ensure maximum freshness
  • Freeze food such as bread and leftovers that you know won't be eaten in time
  • Save vegetable scraps to make homemade stock
  • Learn the difference between "sell-by," "best-by," and expiration dates
  • Divert your food waste away from landfills by composting!


Historical Food Waste Posters